My husband away, my mother my husband pressed me to do 'girl' to make money

Me and my husband to come together through the difficult, untold because his mother objected to your daughter as I.

Although I am beautiful, education, good jobs, but she said I was the daughter of the travelers, parents not dignitaries should will not help you on the career path.

She once told me that, if anything, my life will not hell, she would not let me alone ... I am sad, but because I love him so I accepted it all.

Then I and I to be together, the wedding day mother-in-law I proved to be very friendly, close, handheld still I introduce everyone. I thought, she had other harsh, will not as before the wedding ... And I also think that parents will treat me very well.

She yelled at her, Quarry, grinding his left says will let me know what is living hell.

But I know while living together, in front of everyone, she proved in harmony, helping me but when it's just me with her, she was like a totally different person.

She yelled at the mine, and all the jute, reviled, she says will tell me how life is hell ...

I panic, not sure how, I said to my husband, but I do not believe, he said his mother not to like. Gradually I also don't talk to you anymore. I silently endured, trying her best to improve the natural mother's relationship.

After a time, she as a change over, interested me more than made me excited. But by the sixth month, the husband I intend going abroad to study. I truly do not want to, but my husband also like to go and my husband's mom's most resolute said you have to go with the new career. She also recommended that I should let you go, just 2 years. She said you take care of your career, at home she would take care of me.

When I go, I want to go out in, but she had only herself to him is his, so I have to stay with his mother. I still go to work normally, just up your mother I met. As she opened the restaurant entertainment and evening passengers should, at least at home, my husband frequently call asking, should I also found it very amusing.

But lately, she said I have to help her in her support, business management, I do not want yet to consistent help.

One day he grabbed her garish customers mean to me, I pissed but she said nothing.

Back home, I cried for her husband, calling him to England to talk to mother. But, these days, I still have to keep out consistent help. That evening, after at home, she told me, tomorrow the makeup gently when coming to the Café, because there are vip guests. I have talked with my husband, but don't know what she said that I said I'm stupid she good, improve emotional mother.

The next day, I go to the Inn and her affairs cater to vip rooms. In the room there are only 2 men, I'm the same girl again sitting with them. I feel like most of the staff is wine. Think the bag yourself, I'm out.

But immediately, mother-in-law called me back, asking me to drink the same vip guests. When the lights doused the room into the man, I realized, that was the day intended grabbed her gems.

Hear my mother-in-law, I still drink the wine glass with the viaduct. And then I screamed tired, sleepy and ask about before. Smiling mother-in-law agrees.

The next morning, I awoke in his room but in a State not on the clothes, I panic, even faster and runs away to find her husband's mother. Out to the door, I saw her sitting on the dining table, I cried and asked her what happened to me. She said, no matter what, just yesterday I slept with the man that I had been drinking together in the vip room.

I'm dead, I'm her daughter, but she has to do with me.

I'm dead, I'm her daughter , but she has to do with me? I cried forever, she said comforting peace of mind, that she will not tell my husband, just my silence, continue to "help" her in the job. Simple job but the money earned over the entire month my salary.

She threatened that she had returned to the scene I the same man that bruised, if I do not hear, she would send my husband, send for the family, the agency I.

I do, leave and lost him, lose your job, family, or silence to hear my mother-in-law-evil woman. What do I do now little people????=