New bride, just use the following technique will make mother-in-law sobbed and sobbed

Always say yes.

When you first return to your husband's home, always remember a mantra: 'the mother-in-law is always right.' Never think that arguing will make her think that you are tough, respectable and don't dare to touch later. Doing this will cause you to lose serious marks, making it harder for you to live.

They said, 'Bend your tongue seven times before you speak, don't let your mouth harm your body.' Mother-in-law is old anyway, be wise to please and humble her a bit. She will feel respected, but consider you a smart bride, able to afford her to carry on family matters later.

Over time, when you have created a certain sympathy in the womb of your mother-in-law, you should gently comment and share with her with respect.

Spend time with mother in law after dinner

Dinner is the time to bring everyone in the family together. After the meal is over, instead of going to the room with your husband, you should be close to your mother-in-law. You can drink tea with her, watch the show she likes, or pluck deep hair.

This is an ideal time for you to confide and be close to your mother-in-law. You can comment with her, or share about the ups and downs in life. When you open your heart, your mother-in-law will definitely welcome you back.

Do not create barriers with mother-in-law. Remember that she also experienced a hundred-year-old daughter-in-law, even though you were a generation away. The wise bride will create empathy, and also understand for this second mother.

Understand the interests of mother-in-law

Sun Tzu said: 'Knowing the enemy knows me, and wins a hundred battles.' Remember, no matter how expensive a pair of shoes is, if it doesn't suit your mother-in-law, it will become a reward. Through your husband, find out what your mother-in-law is, what your lifestyle is like. At the same time, in your daily life, subtly observe her.

At every holiday, new year, or birthday, buy her small gifts and hobbies. No matter how difficult the mother-in-law will be conquered by your sincerity, ingenuity and psychology.