October 20, the husband gives his wife 5 million VND: What would you like to buy yourself, I'm busy giving flowers to female colleagues

Quyen and Cuong fell in love with each other for more than 1 year, they got married, many people said Quyen got married quickly, but she thought that meeting a good man like Cuong, I had nothing to hesitate or worry about.

But when I got it, Quyen knew that I was wrong, Cuong is a good man, successful but miserable is an extremely patriarch. But anyway, Quyen still feels lucky to have a psychologically mother-in-law.

Quyen's mother-in-law was a very talented woman, the day she married Cuong, the husband forced Quyen to quit his job at a housewife. But her mother-in-law advised her:

- I keep working, women at home are very hard to follow my husband. I support your child to work, just try to arrange and take care of the family.


People are always worried about their mother-in-law but Quyen loves her mother-in-law very much. Originally, she wanted to live with her mother-in-law but after getting married for 3 months, she bought an apartment for the couple to come to live separately for comfort:

- Mother-in-law should not stay very conflicted. I can visit my parents every weekend. I'm not old-fashioned like many other mother-in-law.

Coming on October 20, seeing friends and colleagues showing off her husband giving gifts, setting dinner tables at expensive restaurants, Quyen also felt impatient about what her husband gave him.

Several days when Quyen saw her husband ordering flowers and setting the dining table, she thought her husband was surprised. Any doubts that night she dressed so beautifully to her husband, who was unexpectedly, he just let go:

- I put in your wallet 5 million already, today 20/10 you like to buy whatever you want to buy comfortably. I have to work now.

- Are you kidding me? I didn't order flowers or dining tables to surprise you. Do you have to stay with me today? Don't you see his wife being driven by her husband to go out to eat?

- I forgot to buy a gift for you, but the other thing I ordered was for my female colleague and my partner. I am a married girl and need nothing more flowers. If you want to buy money, then buy anything, buy flowers and throw it away, I give you 5 million as a gift on October 20. If you like make-up or whatever you want, buy it yourself. I can't drive you today, I'm so busy. I've been calling my colleagues a few dozen times already.

After saying that the husband left, Quyen felt sorry and cried himself. She did not expect her husband to treat like that. On holidays like this, she just wants to be with her husband, to be surprised by him even if it is a small gift, how about married women, they still wish to be concerned about her husband. But Cuong did not understand that, the gift that Quyen wanted to receive most was with her husband on October 20. Yet he values ​​female colleagues outside more than his wife.

Quyen was so miserable that she just wanted to stay at home and didn't want to go anywhere, then at that time her mother-in-law came, and saw Quyen so angry.

- 20/10, Cuong let me eat like this? Where is it?


- He gave flowers and invited female colleagues to eat at the restaurant.

- My God, what a heartless guy. October 20, maybe a wife is not a woman. Instead of giving gifts to his wife and mother, he went to serve the people out there. Broken, really broken. Please do not be sad anymore, now she took me to eat and then go shopping for instant news. Why don't you have to be miserable when your husband gives flowers to others and you have to stay home crying? I ordered the table, and you called my parents to come too. Men are heartless to themselves, then they know how to love themselves. And for Cuong, my mother will teach him again later.

Hearing that quote from mother-in-law, Quyen was happy because she understood it for her mother-in-law. That day, despite being heartless, but in exchange with her mother-in-law to enjoy on October 20, Quyen made her happy with nothing else.