Roses on the left breast, episode 20: Having a mother-in-law suspected of seducing her father-in-law, women only need to do one thing

The reason my mother-in-law disgusted San is .

In Episode 20 of Rose on her left chest, San learned why Kim - the mother-in-law hated her. Kim said that San had played a role in seducing her father-in-law, and he was born with a love for her. So, she hated her immensely. But San had never noticed it before. She thought that her father-in-law just loved her like a daughter-in-law.

The relationship between San and mother-in-law became extremely stressful. Even so, Trung - husband San became a general dilemma. San is still private in the rented apartment. Once drunk, San was Khang - a young colleague from the company. At the time being hugged by Khang, Trung came home and found his wife with another man. Even drunk, ignorant.

The only thing women should do in this difficult situation is .

Falling into a sorrowful situation like San, intelligent women should not hated their mother-in-law. Remember, mother-in-law is also a woman. Jealous women are inevitable. So, women should reconsider, what have I done to upset her? If you wear 'skimpy' clothes, be more discreet next time. If you're too close to your father-in-law, be careful next time.

Women are honest, so they are not afraid of heaven or earth. However, it is necessary to watch, intelligence is sensitive to find the core of the problem. Only then can you protect yourself.

Women should remember: The mother-in-law is the one who born and raised your husband to grow up and grow up. In daily life, should 'add friends less enemies'. Instead of arguing with your mother-in-law, keep your distance from your father-in-law, take care of your mother-in-law more, and love your husband very much.