Suffering because of your strawberries.

(Phunutoday)-brains what to do, what to do and beautiful feast nor Cook for my husband. Do woman like agony, my husband only.[links]My daughter the neighbors who also compliments make sure are beautiful, talented. Nearly 30 years beginning that did the Vice President of a business. But with a mother's husband, always concerned for his son's happiness, I just wish her daughter just in normal level, to have time to take care of my husband, children, family care. Dear Sisters, said like many people will say I'm nuts, I'm crazy, people look forward to having your daughter, earn more, and rolls its first blessed with the left still decry. But actually, when put yourself in the role of a mother, husband Max on seeing her daughter-wife of his only son all day, chalk pastel shirt clothing pants son son, top hair hair and go all day. Neglect the husband, ... then see that no Rapture! For my age is also not how much alive, I could not follow to protect my children all my life, that to it live with a wife like that then all will?.

I need a normal Strawberry children

This year my spouse also has beyond the age of 50. My son this year was well beyond age 30 and married more than three years, have a child is under 2 years old. Seal of the new year I am 29 years old, and we did the Vice President of a business specializing in the design of fashion. I also don't know of his daughter's income is how much, because they did not dare to ask. Just know that with that work, the location of which it goes up right away. Not in the same House, but every time I come home my son also not seen his bride home. Sometimes I intentionally came on Sunday then also not met. Asked the husband it is to know the work of the daughter-in-law is very busy. Sunday is a holiday, then have to go, or go somewhere, also hardly at home.

Know the family care, my husband

The housing mess, would I also have to clean up, then the fridge full of food available. I blame his son why not reminded to go on all night wife responsible for me, and for that I do not know empathy, share with the hard work of the daughter-in-law. Then, the hour my wife it was the main family labour, high-wage jobs had married twice as much pressure, and not the House. Hear my son say that I immediately too. The next day I phone for her daughter-in-law, ask how the work situation, and then also have to take care to the homes their children, rather than just go all day to the filthy homes, my husband squinting boy so not right. That my son has to be her child's salary, less than 10 million/month, what that my wife go to make money at all costs. The purpose of the call is also to remind the bride know care, family care, my husband, and learned the role of the wife in the family. I thought after the phone call prompted her daughter-in-law I would change, but not the change that the work also becomes worse. Some day after I came home, saw the House clean and neat, but not the daughter-in-law I do that my son is doing. News phone too I asked daughter-in-law then some day after it hired just a sin about home made. Unbearable, the evening I called husband and wife, son and daughter-in-law to talk see what homes that are rented ô sin. The children go to school from morning to night, new homes each day cleanup also just 15-20 minutes the clock is done. Is the woman that has not been cleaned up the House, my husband does the cooking for the Feast was then still do nothing. But when I've just stop respond then the seal of my tendon was skilled up, say, a stock the box rental sin home only lost 3 million, but if 1, the the Agency to worry the home takes to more than 30 million. The work of the very hard, so I just want to come home on break, the mother didn't help for the child then don't create more pressure for me anymore. I news too, turns out it is that I do not make money, so I have to work from home, did it make money it has the right to hire sin home?. Oh, there's the bride would dare quarrel with mother-in-law as I. It is true that I don't lay out it does not teach it. Good to do, what to do and beautiful feast nor Cook for my husband. Do woman like agony, my husband only.  

Nguyen Thi Thuc (Hanoi)=