Thanks to my mother her husband looked her nephew, money

We were married for three years, the first child was born, my husband's parents in the countryside, while my spouse work in Hanoi. We are still renting the House, when I have children, don't have the looks, just to save costs, just to quiet the mind to work, so my husband decided to invite grandmother looks up the households.

My husband and wife United with each other, in her time here I look each month will certain 1 million to believe her allowance and I am the mother-in-law courtesy stands out. But my mother my husband just got money courtesy of a first time, then she does not get money from me again. I don't know why, but I guess it is because she does not want to receive money from his daughter-in-law, the fear, the money of the daughter-in-law.

Thanks to my mother the husband looks ... money.

Because even though she did not get the money I am certain monthly, but not a month would be the mother of my husband I don't ask my husband's money, and each time she asked my husband often also gave 1 million, have better hold her and when.

I don't use anything mother-in-law to money, but I guess she got to my daughter, because my husband's sister was married, has 2 kids and is also rented. I see she said to my husband that she looks a grandson rather than looks to be grandson, she must take the money of the couple to give to my daughter, because she is to hire people who look.

Know so I also remind my husband brought her more each month 500 thousand. So each month, in addition to daily spend, then buy gifts, clothes, my spouse also mother-in-law courtesy 1.5 million.

But at such a sad mother the husband also said I don't look, and is at work 么 sin for spouses, children, my house. That I didn't have to look beyond what you mother-in-law, the hammer market water rice all day I still do. The afternoon commute about then, while I prepared the rice water, my husband play with your husband and mother to rest. Speak, I always have to keep Italy hold four, lest she Buddha.

So that every few minutes his mother my husband back and threatening my husband getting past ballast, "take bring you that hire people look, see the money paid does not".

I feel really tired because of the mother's challenge to her husband, her husband's desk several times or carry you away thanks to the look, but her husband refused for fear thanks to outsiders is not assured, so I nodded. I also feel great, thanks to you, the money still look husband's mother died, not comfortable, and ask.=