The day of the divorce, the daughter-in-law cried: 'Because I have a baby in my mother's heart, I have tried my best to come today'

She had never been so painful, never had she been so tired of her decision. Her man, he did not commit adultery, did not betray her why she still wanted to end this marriage, which made her feel sorry.

Marriage, not every marriage can be happy, can also be perfect. But what she tried she recognized herself, the effort of herself and another woman was her mother-in-law, who made her regret until the day of her divorce.

It is not always said that when a mother-in-law is good, when she divorces her son-in-law is not her husband but her mother-in-law. Yes, she is also a divorced girl but her mother-in-law is extremely sorry. Perhaps her whole life was lucky to be the daughter-in-law of her mother.


Phuong lives in a rural area and goes to the city to study and make a career. Later she became acquainted with Tung, so he and her husband and wife. Tung's parents are from the city but they love her very much because they consider her to be a girl in the house. She used to remember the day when she got married, she whispered:

-I don't have a daughter now, I will be your daughter-in-law, I will not consider you a daughter-in-law but as my daughter. I hope my mother and son always get along.

She nodded sobbingly, perhaps she could not have imagined herself so fortunate to have such a psychologically in-laws mother-in-law. But in what life is perfect, nothing is perfect, she has her mother-in-law loves her all but her husband is miserable, not caring about her like the old days.

A woman can do it for the sake of one act to love another, for the sake of one act to hate another. That's why, suddenly a woman becomes strange, becomes a change of character. In fact, they themselves haven't changed but only because the man beside them has forced them to change.

Speaking of divorce is so simple, people only need to say a sentence, just sign a signature to divorce. But she, she had pondered too much. If only because of a heartless husband, then how could she get a divorce, moreover, she had the mother-in-law who loved him deeply.

However, everything has its limits. When things went too far, it forced her to change. She couldn't stand her husband anymore. A heartless, selfish person. The accumulation of friction kept growing, the troubles kept growing and made her collapse:

She decided to divorce, the day she divorced her mother-in-law stood in front of her and cried:

-Is it because I hate you, because I hate your mother to divorce your husband. You know you can't leave me like that. - she cried, crying out loudly in response:

-It's not Mom, it's not because of Mom. This decision of ours has been agreed and has nothing to do with mother. - mother-in-law continues to torment her:

- Otherwise, why not, I do not love you, I see you do not love me?


- Mom, you don't misunderstand me. Do you ever remember the day when I was sick when I had just finished giving birth to a child? I am tired of lying down at a place where my husband was busy playing games, he did not ask me to take a word. Mom is the one who makes me a cup of hot milk and advises me to drink it for health.

-You know, because I have a child in my mother's heart, I have only tried to come today, to continue the marriage up to this point.

Mother and son hugged and sobbed. The signed divorce application signed by him and her. The marriage officially ended. But the predestined relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will certainly exist.

There are people who are fortunate to have a loving husband's family, a wonderful husband. There are also people loved by her husband but her husband's family hates them. As for her, she is lucky in a different way when she is loved by her mother but cannot keep her home.