The House has a small nephew but my husband often says continue

(MissNews)-I do not know the headaches should do when father-in-law just regularly says continue in front of children., bo chong, noi tuc, gia dinh, lam me. ..

I told his story up here, looking forward to receiving the advice of the people. Anyway if this situation lasts, I won't be.

I married 5 years, my daughter has just rounded 3 years. I and my husband are both teachers, working in a high school in the city. We live with the husband's parents, grandparents are retired.

My family lives quite alone, economists also don't have to worry much, but one thing I often have to think, that's the father-in-law often spoke in when home has small grandchildren are old school eat, study says.

My husband father good, loving children and grandchildren, but he has bite, even said what sentence should also cache a few from swearing before, especially when there are people, as he talked.

Photo : The House has a small nephew but my husband often says continue

The House has a small nephew but my husband often says continue Father-in-law often spoke repeatedly in front of the grandchildren (artwork)

In the House, all adults know he isn't one to Italy, but the daughter I'm talking old school, who says something also mimic follow. Honest, send me the class or bring to foreign, I'm assured, rather than let her in the House with his grandfather 1, 2 day is right, how it also learned these from the "market of the hammer". And then sometimes, when who do her predicament, it's back to splash out you guys from there, Grandpa saw such guffaws idea. Only I'm impatient, don't know how to do it. All she does is generally rubbish in front of him then the other would hinted to him. So I must select at no he dared to teach her, but if the children are not told immediately when they make a mistake, they remember nothing.

I bring this story told her husband, he said, his shelves he then, lifetime has such familiarity, now dead also this page, which says he is getting past again.

Now I feel very awkward, not knowing whether to select words to talk to her husband not father, rather than to his daughter learned things like this or not, people as I see, still pleased.  Mother would fall into the same situation, I can share a few words for me?