The husband paid 20 million to bring his wife 2 million, the mother-in-law still shouted: The money the husband keeps, the money the wife has to take care of the whole family

Everyone told Hong to get rich husband, nice family is happy. It is true that Hong's husband is very rich, her husband is the head of a large company again, so she married him as a mouse.

Each month, Hong's husband makes 20 million, which is a huge amount of money for her. Meanwhile, Hong is an accountant, the salary is only 7 million / month, every night Hong is enlisted to be an online sales collaborator, so she also earns an additional 5 million. Calculated, the average she has 12 million, but if the idea of ​​a good income so the couple do not have to worry about money. But the truth is, Hong was wrong.


She lived with her parents-in-law and her brother-in-law, since Hong returned to be a bride, her mother-in-law made her take care of everything. So the salary of 12 million every month is running out of money. In the house, from salt sauce, oil bottle to the toothpick, Hong had to buy it but her mother-in-law decided not to pay any money.

The husband's salary is 20 million VND, he should give it to his wife, but every month he will give only the 2 million VND to his wife and keep it for his mother. Once said:

- My salary of 12 million to take care of everything in the house is not enough, if he is a husband, he will give money to his wife instead of taking his mother away.

- I gave you 2 million already, took my mom to keep it for me to keep it for me, but mom didn't spend it.

Listening to her husband, Hong only felt pity and became a wife, but she could not manage her husband's money. Meanwhile, her salary must take care of everything, reputation for getting rich but not happy at all.

So every time Hong told his husband about money, he would tell his mother. So Hien's mother-in-law was able to revile her. Just on the tray of rice, the mother-in-law scolded: "I have raised my son for nearly 30 years, the money he has to bring me to keep is right, maybe he gave it to her and took it home."


Sometimes the mother-in-law hinted, "How much does it cost to take care of my daughter-in-law going back to her husband's family, but what is it?"

Despite bringing all the salary to take care of her husband's house, it is worth mentioning that her mother-in-law kept going around with the neighbors, that Hong didn't know what to do, and that she asked for money from her husband . It sounds extremely bitter, sometimes Hong Thinking about whether she should continue like this, she wanted to live separately so that the couple could relax, but she was only afraid to talk about being in her own mother-in-law and scolded more. Now Hong doesn't know what to do .