The life I became married after tragedy

(MissNews)-I give up the opportunity to work in his home country, according to him about doing the same belly in a child bride. On the whole chain is also my tragedy started., chong, gia dinh, vo chong ...

Graduate of finishing, I would like to do in front of a restaurant, the waiting period of employment in the country. During the time worked, I acquainted with him in once he came to set the goals for the Agency. He was the employee of the company, the environment of the town.

Originally also just grab number to contact work, but eventually, he proactively chat with me more. Gradually, the long on habits would not talk to me and I find emptiness.

Are in a depressed mood for work yet on where, and the crisis of the stage graduates, there are people who are interested, I am prone to Greenwich mean time. And I quickly fell in love shortly after that. Actually, I don't think this relationship for the long term. By the English in Hanoi, while I'm working at home which is more than 400.

Love one another was almost 5 months we started to close, both are not each other's debut should for us extremely gentle. I and he are voluntary, not intended to bind anything.

This time also, I send the contact to call me about the trial. I am glad, anyway please state jobs, back near home more still. What about love, actually, I love him, but not too deep, I think after this far apart will be forgotten. But incredibly, I discovered her pregnancy with him. At the moment, in the Palm I found incredibly awkward, 1 side of the work, the side is a child. I don't know what disasters.

I'm talking to you, you told me you have children and then marry. I think forever, I'm not brave enough to leave the child in the belly. Officers eventually marry him, thus also means accept abort job in his hometown.

When I informed my parents in the countryside, away from the parents to say I'm angry. But finally nodded acceptance. Family meeting procedures took place more than a month later, rushing us to hold weddings.

In the time I actually loved each other, yet all the information about you. The wedding day was also the second time I go home to England, following the first meeting of parents and married.

Because of the secret vote should marry on me only in the rice water House, a homemaker. My husband is still working, just go dark, light on. My husband's small house, and her 2 children so the front room kiss of husband I have to use the back room of her brother, finishing room less than 15 square meters. This cold season, rather than to the hot summer does not survive.

Taken together I know about her husband's income, because just the gentle village staff should you salary less than 5 million. Not to mention the amount of petrol in the car, eating, drinking, water crib, left still feed his wife, husband and I always have to squeeze great-granddaughter, xẻn bronze-winning reservations.

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But what makes me most worried when on making strawberry, that's the attitude of the mother-in-law.  Mother-in-law didn't like me, right from the first meeting. There are times, she says straight out: "do not stop the procession of his wife about raising her quote, myself also not done properly, is blessed". The first time, the couple I stayed with my husband's parents and two of her children, but some time later, mother-in-law proved unbearable, many packed taste that I've just ứa tears because of mistreatment. His mother said, her mouth eating cold mountain, just eat rice and rice don't sit where the pets are.

Not long after that, in the evening feast, my husband's mother said, from 2 hours per month the couple I have to contribute money for Mrs. Because my husband doesn't eat lunch at home, so every month just gave her 2 million.

Mother-in-law says 2 million that light as bẫng that, while her son than 5 million salary. That is from that month, first month my husband to put 2 million for parents, nearly only 3 million salary, with the money, certainly not enough to eat and drink and lo the cost incurred. To save, I can't help but get up early morning to Cook rice for my husband to bring voice to go, many extreme mistreatment at thinking saw extremely.

Many of the problems that I can't tell here, on my shoots as depressed, the more disappointed and regret.

Also from stroll, my husband was born discontent, or irritable, resentful unjustly, I know you suffered much pressure, moreover I also have no nothing that says officers should shut up just shut up. Having upset also only know to hide tears.

The other day my husband and mother-in-law had problems, because he is not with her mother, she said, to not know the injured the injured. Mother-in-law is crying BU lu BU da speaker, you map any curious, she fed him all these years to now report such fondness. I can not to be mouthing off to my husband, mom, she said it was all because of me, bummer, no nothing. I heard my mom yelling at my husband that Boo, cry sobbed.

My husband is as crazy over, I hold the vase in the corner of the House shattered mid-air, look him helpless that I've hurt just extreme fear. He pulled my hand straight up, and then spin the lai told the mother of my husband: "If you go to the couple, his mother to not bother anymore". Mother-in-law didn't fit, she to: "where are you going, I don't have the language the children as you go, which raised another view are those packed".

My husband hired a small motel room, the front here, I will try to do more to earn more money, never tempered mother then you will about apologies. Also his parents though he was son, he did not abandon her he was. I listen to my husband that I see too, all because of me, now I feel very depressed, don't know how to properly anymore.