The mother-in-law and her mother-in-law live without death when they know the true face of the youngest daughter

Looking over, everyone thought I was 'hamster'. Yes, my parents' parents are purely agricultural, so I was fortunate to get a husband with a wealthy and educated family. Knowing that he is the eldest son, taking my brother will have to worry about the whole family, but I accept it because he told that his parents are also very young.

Living together for a while, I see my husband saying no wrong. My parents-in-law loved my children and grandchildren, but he said it was not enough. They loved their grandchildren to earn a lot of money. I always have to brace myself every day, take lots of warm memories, sometimes want to give up.

At times of warmth, I could only cry and cry alone (Artwork)

As the chief, I always tried to cultivate and take care of everything so as not to bother my husband and parents, but my mother-in-law always discriminated. The way she treated her youngest sister was different from me. From the day my sister-in-law came back, she became more and more disdainful of me. At any time, she always had a good, silly way to make me 'look at my youngest son and study'.

I am currently working as a state employee, earning enough vegetables only daily and spending on personal belongings. And my sister-in-law works for a high-paid foreign company, often traveling all over the country. Each time, she brought a lot of gifts to her mother-in-law. The day my sister-in-law was pregnant, she took care of every inch of it, bought all kinds of impregnated things in her life. When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law had never once asked me how, my grandchildren did not talk about helping me with housework or buying things for me.

But then, a few months ago, my mother-in-law had a stroke while going to a neighbor's house to play. Since then, the youngest sister-in-law has gone from morning to night. There were many days when I asked for permission to go home to my mother for the whole month, I did not bother to look at my mother-in-law. She told her mother-in-law to lie down for a long time, unable to bear it, and also hired a maid to take care of her. As for me, despite being treated nothing, from the day she was sick, I was always busy, taking care of my mother-in-law like my mother.

I'm the only one who takes care of my mother-in-law when I'm sick (Artwork)

Only when I lay in bed, how could my mother-in-law feel my sincerity? She told me that tears welled up: 'Sorry, I'm not good .'

Thankfully, thanks to the ancestors' happiness, my mother-in-law finally recovered after many days of illness. She no longer discriminated against me like before but gave me more affection for her mother and son. That's life! Just to live with all your sincerity, to give away without receiving it will also let the day we reap the sweet fruit.