The mother-in-law from the hometown came to stay, the daughter-in-law said nothing to throw away her pocket of clothes, the reason was ...

Linh and Dung couple have been married for 7 years, have two children together and respect her. Many people admire Linh when having a happy home, some people also say that because Linh does not have to live with her mother-in-law, she has no worries about it.

It is true that Linh and his wife do business in the city, so they also buy houses on this house, their mother-in-law stays in the countryside. Several times, Dung picked up his mother to take care of her, but she refused, saying she did not want to bother her children. Dung, he was afraid that his mother would be afraid to stay with his wife, so several times told Linh: "If you pick me up to live with you, do you agree?"


Hearing her husband say that, Linh was shocked and said: "What are you saying? Picking up your mother to take care of your children is a duty of your children, that you don't need to ask me, if you like me, you can go to live with your spouse ''.

Having that statement from his wife, Dung was more secure, he knew that his mother did not want to go up but Dung thought that she would also change. Busy work so sometimes the couple just came to visit her mother, which is why Dung wanted to pick up her mother to take care of her so that she could not be relieved under the countryside.

Then one day, Dung's mother called to say that she wanted to stay with her husband and wife for a month, and to visit her grandchildren, she was also able to go to the doctor because she has been in pain for a long time. Dung is very happy, this time his mother will persuade her to stay.

I thought everything went well, I thought when my mother-in-law came up, Linh saw that she hugged the old clothes bag, she took a long look and brought the bag to throw it in the trash. Her mother-in-law felt shaky and said, "Son, why did you throw away all my mother's stuff?"

Dung saw his wife doing so, and was also angry with her face and shouted: "What kind of thing do you do? Why do you throw away my mother's clothes, clearly before I said I wanted to welcome my mother to live with my husband and wife. My mother is like this . I am too bad ".

Seeing her mother-in-law tear her eyes, her husband shouted at her. Linh rushed to the small mother-in-law's side: "My mother and Mr. Dung misunderstood me, I found that all the clothes were worn with old clothes too much, what do you wear?"


Now I take my mother to buy a better new set and wear it. I am so filial, I have been a bride for many years without paying attention to this, I am too heartless. Mother forgive me, from now on I will live here with you, just near my mother's grandchild, Mom. "At this time, my mother-in-law hugged Linh and cried:" Yet I thought . I thank you ''

At this time, Dung apologized to his wife for being too hot to ask his wife. He is the biological child of his mother, but he is too heartless, this time even if his mother asked her to return, the couple would make her stay with her to take care of her very carefully. Dung also felt lucky because he married his wife who understood morality like Linh.