The plot follows the terrifying mother-in-law caught hiring ô sin

Day student, I often have thought that, after this if married must also avoid family only had a son poisoned nail, because I fear pressure to bear children son will on the role of the wife.

But, given their hate of him, when the sky would I go to do a time is familiar in corporate workshops. Initially, we exchange phone numbers with the purpose of work, but gradually it work, I and he confided to each other more about life, family, and more talking. And I speak very scratched their match, I love how Intelligently funny, intelligent conversation. Soon, we are far more than the normal phone call, the date, coffee, walking pulls us closer together. I agree do you girl.

Know to be a child, I also have concerns, I even talk straight with Proving the guilty. Intelligent listening, then you tell me to worry big wedding too. Now who is more important what the daughter or son, the child would be. I hear Intelligent consolation reassured somewhat.

We married, the marriage was initially happy, fun. I am born to their daughter, saw her husband's parents and baby chair, I think her worry turns out to admit it. The grandchildren who doesn't love to be.

I hurt myself, but don't know what to do (artwork)

When children are 3 years old, I decided to add the baby's birth. My second baby daughter. This time, I saw my mother's husband does not seem to have a good time, though she does help out side, but look at the way she's talking, I noticed very clearly.

One day, my mother called me into the room her husband speak, at the time, my second baby circle 2 months old. Mother-in-law says, want to hire me, care about sin because the two-child, her health is not good, she didn't want me hard just take the moderate care home. I touched her hurt me so I'm not opposing anything. She said, she had to find someone to do it.

The next day, I had just finished cleanup, she leads about a girl games 20, 21 years old, healthy, pleasant in appearance. She said their grandchildren away in his home country, is home to both.

HA (her) quite docile, tough, agile. From there the girl, I get more rest. I you Ha Ha, regarded as a sister, 2 children I also wrap her, sometimes going hammer market, what beautiful I also bought about, even my jacket, skirt many, I bring the HA couple for sharing. I more than more than a dozen years, but about the Galaxy in shape also equate.

My family life is peaceful, happy until one day, I accidentally discovered a terrible conspiracy of Ha and the mother of my husband. That day, I let you stay home for the Galaxy looks to run the market, going to be a new paragraph unpressurized remember forgotten wallet, I get. On to the home found inane, I run up the floor, then found a voice in the room my husband's mother. Curious, I went to see what she says bugging that there seems to a secret world. Every word I say husband mother, make me like death on Pearl spot, she says "I captured the feelings both good and, now, the guy you turn to how are doing, to make Smart Guy down. If I could be born a son for your doctor, I want to be... ". I didn't hear anything, just see legs say Ha run, I try to refrain from compression to not emit a sound.

I run down under the House, tears falling, new land under the feet as Lü BU fell. I have just heard what the Sun movement. Why parents husband treat me so grim. I thought she hurt me should help hire new, incredibly she brewed this heinous plot available.

I'm scared, I don't know how to solve this, I missed my husband told me to do. HA that have voted with my husband, daughter and I really would like. Oh, I'm crazy. Anyone can give me tips right now?=


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