The wedding day, my mother-in-law said: I climbed in the back gate and entered, was pregnant for 3 months and then went to the main gate

I was in my second year of study when I met and loved Hoàng, he was the only child in a rich family. At that time, I was extremely happy, thinking that later, when I married Hoang, my life would only be happy to eat. My boyfriend had a secret love affair with my parents, because my parents did not like me to love early, wanted to finish my studies and have a job until then.

But no one knows what love is going to happen, because I met Hoang because of predestined relationship, so I went ahead. During the time of love, Hoang often solicited me to the motel, I was afraid to protect my daughter's life until the wedding night. But Hoang always threatened:

- If you keep getting old-fashioned like this, I'll break up soon. I'm bored like a girl like you.


I was afraid of being kicked by Hoang beside me, and then once I found out I was pregnant. I informed Hoang when he was a bit panicked at first and told me:

- Are you a girl who doesn't protect yourself? Now how do I vote? I'm fine with working, but I'm still going to school. Or do you have to get pregnant?

- No, I'm scared. I will reserve the result. My younger brother came to report to my parents to come to my house to discuss the marriage.

So Hoang also took me home, at first knowing that my family's economic conditions were not much better, Hoang's mother had objections. Only when she knew I was pregnant did she agree.

It's shocking to talk about my parents when I knew I was pregnant before I got married, especially now I have to quit college. My mother cried a lot, my father was also sad but tried to comfort me:

- Now I'm going to get married and still about to be a mother, trying hard to listen to me. That side obediently, loving her husband, caring for her husband's parents thoughtfully.

Listening to my dad's instructions, I only cried because I loved them, I knew I was pregnant before getting married, causing neighbors to be paranoid about my parents, who could not teach their children. I promised myself I would try to live well so my parents wouldn't be sad.

I thought the wedding would go well, if I thought the wedding day, the bride's family would only go with 5 people, I asked, Hoang told:

- My mother told me to pregnant first, so I only went this far. Going to the east is very embarrassing.

When I heard that and my face was hot, I really couldn't expect his mother to agree to get married but now I can say such words. Because I didn't want to miss a hundred years, I had to ignore it, but when I arrived at the gate of my son's house, my mother-in-law stood right there and told my father ":

- Mr. Thong, please tell your daughter to go to the back door, my family has abstain from the procession of pregnant women in advance by the main gate, unfortunately.


- My God, how can you get my daughter to the back gate. Now people always want to "buy buffalo to get buffalo". The baby in my daughter's womb is also my grandson. She made him go to the back gate like this how dare she look at other people.

- Who told his daughter pregnant first do? He tried to seduce my son, but I agreed that he could marry. So, does the tailgate go?

Seeing father respectfully plead with his mother-in-law, I was truly displeased. I was about to close my eyes and walk to the back gate, who was hesitant at that moment when my father held my hand and said:

- Come on, let's go home. They made me go to the back gate like this then I can not live in that house. Children keep giving birth to babies, parents and siblings take care of them and their babies. Entering this house, I really can't stand you living miserable life.

I could only hug my father and cry, but I decided to follow him, because I thought it would be miserable if I set foot in this house. The husband clung to the mother's skirt, mother-in-law was harsh. Better to be a single mom.