This morning, the bride holding the glass of water thrown breaking in front of me and then walks away

I have 65 years old, is living in the District of Nghe An province. Yesterday evening my family happened something extremely hurt that until now, the air in my House still overcast, sad to sad.

Not that I have a bride that has probably ever since the big one, the formidable and lose eligibility to teach.

My son get married 4 years ago. It has a new daughter, 15. Before getting married, my son has led people to love-it's now wife on home debut. Look at the shape game lẳn, less than half a meter high, eyes an eyelid, mouth xoen xoét boast, the couple I was reluctant.

Then I ask people to secretly learn also discovered its sinister past. It used to lead the boys come home live test then pregnant with the other guy. Then he debt spending to those hundred million not to pay, his mother miserable at home go borrow money going to pay for it.

So that doesn't understand why, it's for my son to eat charm how the LU drugs although I prohibit spouses, it also doesn't quit. My son also claimed if not for the wedding, it's with that will organize the wedding without my spouse. My husband immediately yanked it away chasing yelled at too.

1 month later my son home security did the other girl pregnant 1 month and suggested organizing weddings. It is also for the other child's parents call me dear. I finally nodded his eyes wedding fold for them despite the distaste.

On making it as Strawberry expressed mixed attitudes ofit, I challenge. My son made in Honor, it also remained without jobs. All day, eat sleep play, also taking my son's salary card spending. For the last 20 games, is it bad my son home please parents money, food, drink.

Many at thinking, unknown before I violate the accused that the procession should thing about Strawberry. Just lazy was a mixture of medium, then later, said my spouse about bad luck old, sick then who cared.

Cứa 2 weeks, the couple it leads about the countryside of play but never us it to home alone. For whosoever shall see my husband go play somewhere in the village is it heavy hand you then light about name-calling spit. I'm not a bitch then I dissuade angry ear it a tent, so is it the speaker recalled BU lu BU cry for the parents to lay and then take the car away.

1 month after the wedding they reported damage to thai, husband and wife I have sad, frustrated also, because this wedding for them it taken together just because of his responsibility in the abdomen, so that ...

And then a year passed, they still had no news. I told both intestine hot visit. Daughter-in-law where did you I make it normal health, only weak sperm and then my son said to me, "my mother see me from now on, don't blame you not know lay ahead." Put the paper in front of me, it comes out butt looks Youtiao challenge.

Look where I am incredibly upset. Then, I remind my son go visit brought about menu to I also find doctors for treatment. But my son heard the wife or wives are inducing told the couple it self medication. 2 months later they announced it has elected. My daughter recently please go sale is 3 months pregnant tired pretext would break at home.

So is the three wage three piles, my son manages alone raising children lazy wife lying in the House. 9 months after the birth. I have to neglect housework in Vinh 1, look you. Where did my daughter everything old-fashioned though abstinence has in the 21st century and I are old people but also shaking his head with it.

I hold the broom home, call me "because my mother that I it or cry, startled". I closing I hug you, I swear it's Chair, "because my mother that I cough, runny nose". Well, I am sad too dropped about to dress up the couple take it together.

People in hemorrhage 2 months is enough, my daughter can't touch water claims to 3 months. That's everything from cooking, washing, clean both fell to my son though it still go to make his wife. To plug the rice that his wife did not do for fear the water stick hand.

Think of the bride is my boredom (artwork)

Would my son Guy go seating is Festival daughter-in-law I start it going by the daughter and then call around the defames the husband. Next, daughter-in-law and I call for the head of my son to ... check the husband it has not worked. At that time, my son back to it two slaps taught his wife. So is the rowdy back, calling foreign diplomats blamed yelled at I don't know teaching children. I announced the return of foreign education for daughter.

At this time, my brother and I understand the reason that me and claims it was based the previous pane. It started when my wife right gauge one spectacle of loafers or .If still.

OK, when I have my day round 15, married, it's to get you home. From the right comes you home door, how fun. My husband gravitates, fun, play with me all day.

I get home see you cough, runny nose leave potty constantly, I yelled at the strawberry is why I don't like to give it a visit to always see how. It is against a visit to a doctor that cost back to oral antibiotics are not good for you.

I told the doctors they have expertise, also know I was OK just let it drink little tobacco Misc heavy disease promptly missed.

So that my daughter-in-law it turns ngoắt fucking me back as "heavy, heavy disease you chickened out there dying, the grandmother said errors". I too swear at you, "she yelled at the news mixed medium. About this home made Strawberry right there on the bottom. I say that not to listen, it is the son but also the grandson tao. You have every parenting should not then leave which I feed to. In themselves, don't go in the House lie parasites forever ".

My daughter at that holding cups of water on hand to throw down the broken home then I swear before the mid-air "she lives with me as the evil lived. Okay, I go for the House she happy. " Finished it run to get so enraged I but my son not to. How is it alone get junk.

Up to now it has yet to call my husband to it where to go, what to do. I am also incredibly boring. He built his wife for his son to have a daughter-in-law, and I care from his wife at the son has not yet once was daughter-in-law Cook the rice pieces it offers. Most of this talk about other non-yen. I was upset too. No more common than would protect his son quit his wife then I sin, and to continue the marriage that hurt his son, hurt and suffering both husband and wife about the elderly. Please give me some advice.=


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