'Using' his son to treat hard husband mom

Just because she is the singer in a band specializes in weddings that Ms. Snow-The mother (her lover at the time, now is my husband) for protest. She said that her career, all clothed, talking, laughing, gorgeous woman with a man, my son. Although the and are Nebula explains about her career, in the morning how she Snow was also skeptical.

She is always sure, and so gave up on the season, Lu made her son new drugs.

She is always sure, and so gave up on the season, Lu made her son new drugs-one information technology engineer docile, gentle capital now dare declare war with the family. Not only used offensive words, Ms. Snow also took death to force Into separation.

The family was not convincing, and so you go rest, listen to Hanoi as workers, just near you, just have time to alter the thinking of his mother. However, more than a year she turned, Ms. Snow was still not acceptable. Each time the same as each Van to accompany tears.

It was not until when the Van got elected, the statement if she doesn't accept him taking the lifetime you Van get married, she will take you, take you, Ms. Snow's new concessions.

Now here is a man who, despite the family but Van still unforgettable actions, derogatory words of the mother of my husband for herself before. Always burn with hate in my heart so when Van birth mother, stack up the grandson she has taken to find every reason to "" mother-in-law ...

"Borrow" her response to her husband's mother-1

For whosoever shall can anybody come to visit, though the present mother-in-law there or not, and so also tell people love their history, hear about the miserable child, narrowly born without being behind the civil recognition ... From there, people always look at Ms. Snow's not sympathetic.

Yun also regularly "borrow" her mother scolded her husband to like: The crying, the Van said that young had to really grow up, son, don't look like her grandmother, said many questions, do much work not to think; She then cries I I closing Van back to yell: not my mother hates you should intentionally venting anger over the girl.

Which know its wrong, are looking to compensate for daughter-in-law, grandchildren, but the actions of the Van again as Snow makes you uncomfortable. So is her husband, mother bride conflicts frequently occur. Dear Mrs. Snow gauge, the inherent evil before, so now she wants to talk with people around are not, because they were found injured.

Talk with the thought: the mother of capital against his wife should be. Who is now a home, think of her as I go, don't consider what such a definition ...

Ms. Snow extremely warm memories that don't know who want to go home, said Guo for the couple and the Van back to that: Parents still hate us, I left Italy-born parents so parents don't want to take me. Maybe not my mom caught us to hire ô sin about my looks, she's a young, hired a housekeeper assured stars are ...

See everyone turned against her husband's mother, and so funny. She thought, her mother the husband ever inflicted, the name-calling she more than 2 years, now she up take you months, what she does that stupid "retaliation". A must for her to know she is not easily bullied, to later if there are about living together, she also is not Bulgarian part ...=