Want harmony with her husband, mother of the bride, don't ignore this post

Sympathy for the difference between the 2 generation

The generation gap, age between husband and mother-bride is often very large. Therefore, when standing in front of a problem to be solved, you need to put yourself in position, think of the mother-in-law. If the solution and mother-in-law are not identical, do not rush the response, be patient up with mother-in-law till you find a public voice. This will cause the mother-in-law you feel respected and heard.

The consultation of the mother-in-law

Before each work happens in the family, you should consult with your mother-in-law. This will makes you feel satisfied because you respected her, moreover, this is also a good opportunity for you to express his views in the family.

In addition, this also helps you and mother-in-law have in General, avoid the disagree for these reasons.

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So frankly expressed personal views

There are many conflicting, as the bride is often not speaking out, that quietly disobey, or timid don't dare to make decisions. This is absolutely no benefit. The better off, be cleverly suggested calmly, his true squid. Mother-in-law will listen and look upon you as people think, there's strong stance, frankly.

Bear chat with mother-in-law

The tough talk will help you bear the distance between 2 mother closer. The chat will make you and your mother-in-law to understand each other more, the anomaly whereby also thuân was relief part.

Don't say bad mother-in-law

This is bug so much bride. Absolutely should not bring their home out cry. Many can distort your story, and when the story to the mother-in-law, the ears will turn into ugly bride or the defames mother-in-law.

Please behave really skillful, subtle

When about done strawberry, if your mother-in-law always proved exclusively, like to his son as a "private property" then you also don't seem jealous. Since the beginning, after taking his wife to the son, the mother often have such mentality, they will "loosen" the son. You try to make out that his mother-in-law loved her son, does not mean appropriating his own that he wants to share, help her take care of him. In addition, in front of you, you should not have the loving gesture or nũng nịu my husband too.

Don't be afraid to express love with mother-in-law

For many, the bride love for the mother-in-law is a very difficult job because the felt family. Try eliminating the feeling of apprehension he goes, some loving words speak out will cause the mother-in-law you feel surprise, really touching. It will make your mother becomes emotionally intimate, much more closely. At the same time, you spend a lot of time listening to her mind the talk, this will make her feel warm as shared, you will be her beloved, to trust as his daughter.=


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