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(Phunutoday)-Queen Mother towards relief: find family national computer as home not easy Tomorrow. More important it is to put the happiness you up on everything.[links] When love wants results

The story of the Royal couple and Mai (Nguyen Cong Tru-Hanoi) has become an amusing side story moment when the whole family sit in the belly and gathering gather page, a little creatures are growing along the eagerly awaited by everyone.

Therefore that more than a year ago with the unnecessary misunderstanding, almost happiness of your two children had not been consummated.

And tomorrow is the same old familiar friend during the time students are sitting on the couch. Tomorrow is her female students the University of foreign trade with many achievements in learning, school to the second year Mai has earned a full scholarship to go to school in Singapore.

Now the couple and Mai have the good news first, two she excited more than ever, gurgling exchanged throughout the day. (Artwork)

Huang was a student at Polytechnic University. They know each other when the two layers Exchange organization before Mai moved to Singapore to study.

Their feelings were rekindled and started from that day and though it is often said in the emotional ages of students dreaming never durable or geographical distance will do the fade to pale love, things that do not seem to be true in the case of Mai and Prince.

Though love each other less than a year ago when Mai moved abroad to study, three years later, the sentiment of the two people still be nourished and plain until tomorrow to graduation, determined to return to Vietnam with his first love.

At the time, Huang was out of school and became an employee of a foreign company in Hanoi.

Stable work with many intended together, couples together unstop your parents the two parties wish the same happiness constructor.

In time the distant love, parents of both Mai and Prince both know Feng brake friendship and their children, but who also think that "both in far also don't know how". Now, you still keep sincere, no parents would welcome more.

Not so, though Mai study abroad but she is very skillful, gentle and docile. Huang also reached many achievements in school and many companies offer about doing before you choose the most suitable place to themselves.

Have to say, there's nothing to argue before the deserve just litter and match of young couples. Moreover, families on both sides were also officials and employees.

The Royal House in a collective area not far from the House Tomorrow. His father is a scientific agency officers. He spent a lot of time to research the scientific work that his charm. In return he got a solid rearguard:

Queen Mother at home housewives, mature children to care her husband assured. The House also coming of age parents Tomorrow retired, her father made in an environmental agency, and his mother works at a publishing house.

They are keen to quickly stabilize his family story to strive in the work. In particular, when heard two presentations about the plan after marriage some time will try to find scholarships to both in the same study, to study a master's degree, then both families are very happy and excited.

Huang's parents decide to unstop the family through the future, an over is meet greet familiar, can also deal desk future for his two children.

The emotional story from the time students pass how much of distant and Mai time on results, your friends who are also happy for the two of you. The encounter between the two parents goes well beyond the expected.

Bottle of wine that the Royal parents bring home the human Tomorrow courtesy acquainted are out for fun. Two fathers sat talking for the juicy, two mothers ongoing food for each other, the couples also occasionally look at each other full of happiness.

Longer need what's more amazing in the cozy family atmosphere like and when bird double Mandarin coming on a nest. The date in which it is now about to become a reality.

After the first encounter, her parents to play Royal appointment Tomorrow at the end of next week to discuss the wedding day and the necessity for the wedding ceremony of both sides of his family.

A week went by quickly with how busy life. But then, the second time not be fun as the first. Don't understand why the mother Queen, by tired or less spoke and less smiling than last time.

After the feast, saw the parents seem tired, parents permission Tomorrow about the soon to other times again to play. Queen Mother's day cleanup and then go lie soon makes two claims so fret not know what vexed her idea.

You of little happy lot

The next day, the Emperor saw his mother said putting supper on the day after Tomorrow to work. Before about future daughter-in-law, both "major fire" when he saw his mother Huang pulled out a platform to beef to daughter-in-law brought about. Queen Mother also says: "this is the type of imported Australian beef and tasty expensive type 1, carry on for me".

Her daughter-in-law after the little smiling surprise thank you parents permission, and future husband out of. The Royal father after seeing the strange actions of certain dark wife will suppress the subject aside to ask his wife for all out what is happening.

A few days before coming home to eat through, I just had the country under Tomorrow. Before my husband up, mother Mai told go told "He remembered to bring up little country chicken, tasty sauce to me through courtesy, yes".

But this time, I only bring up Tomorrow are delicious sauce bottles and less eggs. Let's at least pleasing to many, the people as well as his home, who said his hometown is very precious gift.

In Hanoi now Ship food spills, eat well too. Last week, the Mai to the parents through don't forget to bring bottles of sauce and chicken egg white countryside nõn dozen as a gift.

See the in-laws brought bottles of sauce and a dozen eggs, mother Mai suddenly feel not a bit of fun. I suppose that she is also very precious gifts home, but this is the second encounter, back home through the future rather than what friends are for.

Bring the bottle of sauce to the data mean? I suppose that she is still his old collective, not bright as the people but also didn't lack anything.

Officers that his son is going to school abroad such as the House but Queen always achieve much success and how much foreign firms invited to on. Angry too smart, she immediately thought his loss to "answer" for they know that his house also lack something orange.

Think is doing, she went out to the supermarket, buy imported beef meat the most expensive type, getting the future bride to carry on. She why after Prince put on Tomorrow, she can't see the fun in as I think a little ...

The Royal father to hear the mind of new wife broke perhaps few today his wife hurt yourself in the head. He sat for his wife that should not be too strict to Italy form and affect the sentiment of the two families.

Maybe it's just the sauce bottles, a dozen chicken eggs but the in-laws brought from his native wading up by diving for them that is not easy gifts have been in Hanoi.

He yelled at her love: "Coming into mother-in-law still as childish like this!". Last night she is thinking the words her husband says.

She naturally find extremely remorseful about his actions when caught daughter-in-law bring meat to a home. Don't know, parents think he misread nothing and she doesn't? Tomorrow, she is called to explain.

The following day the Royal mother waiting call, my mother called to the Prince Mai thank parents and family through inviting to eat beef mushroom hot pot dishes. My mother just massage xuýt forever: Tomorrow

"This very expensive imported beef, why send home side children. Would invite you over to the side of the building along for fun. The House also uncrowded upset sister! ".

Queen Mother towards relief: find family national computer as home not easy Tomorrow. More important it is to put the happiness you up on everything.

Now the couple and Mai have the good news first, two she excited more than ever, gurgling exchanged throughout the day. The Royal father bullied his wife joke still occasionally meal that:

"That, when his grandson was born he I severely that would not be launched because the bottle sauce". All the same jokes fun, happiness as well as filled in every moment.  =

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