Women must be alert and perform 2 no when married before unfortunate marriage, life stalemate

1. Not living with mother-in-law

A wise woman should not live with her mother-in-law to ask for help from her mother to look after her grandchildren, reducing housing costs. By the relationship mother-in-law no matter how harmonious coexistence will then arise a conflict only. In fact, no bride-in-law can get along for life.

Living with mother-in-law is the fastest way to kill a marriage. The mother-in-law always follows the old routine, if you live with her mother-in-law, she will be uncomfortable. Even if they had to stay in a rented house, they could not live with their mother-in-law so that the couple could divorce and have the reputation of being a daughter-in-law.


The ancients taught 'near-rotten fragrance', instead of choosing to live with the mother-in-law, the women chose to live separately and occasionally visit their parents-in-law.

2. Not at home eating at her husband

When women come to the husband's house, they want to be respected and have a voice in the family of the husband's family, they must have a job, earn their own money and not wait to cling to their husband. In fact, many wives clearly have stable careers but hear their husband: "I stay at my adopted family, working very tired."


So sisters quit, the first time is really happy, but then later to regret. Because a man is happy when he is okay, when he is angry, things don't go as he wants to blame you. In this life, a woman with a reputation for eating her husband is humiliating and extremely bitter.

Therefore, smart women should definitely say "NO" to the attachment, asking for money from their husbands. Working as a salary of 5 million / month is also. As long as you make money, so what you want to spend and above all do not depend on your husband.