Add this to steam crab crab better than restaurant, who do not know the cost of life

Discharge into steamed crabs and crabs

When you want to steam crabs, delicious crabs, prepare a few lemongrass and then discharge and then let it down to the bottom of the pot. Put crabs and crabs on top and steam them in a sufficient amount of time until they are cooked and discarded. According to the usual routine, steaming for 10-15 minutes is crab and crab can be cooked evenly so you should steam it for 15 minutes before eating.

Crab and crab dishes only keep the delicious taste when eating hot, so you absolutely should not be steamed because when not ripe, people will be very susceptible to abdominal pain and make a nutritious dish.

Steamed crab crab with bold beer

Steaming crab crab with beer

Another way of steaming crabs and crabs is also extremely delicious. This is one of the new recipes that makes crab crab taste better than the outside. When eating crabs, crabs are steamed with sweet and delicious beer, you only need to take a bite for a lifetime.

The way of steaming is very simple, you just pour beer into the pot and put crab crab on top to make the beer just enough to ripen, crab. Then steam it normally for about 15 minutes until the crab is cooked and turn off the stove and remove it. Steamed crab dishes will taste better when you have topped with lemon mustard salt, or soy sauce with mustard.

Pouring the lemongrass into steamed crabs will taste better than losing the fishy smell

Hopefully, with the small secret of steamed crab, we recommend that you will have a delicious and delicious dish to enjoy with family members.