Cooking tips: delicious barbecue tips

The following 5 methods will help your family's grilled meat become more perfect.

Onions and herbs

When you want to grill meat without burning, the meat is cooked evenly and fragrant. Want to add a little flavor to the food you are baking? Cut big onions and rub onions on the grill. This will help the meat to both add flavor to the food and help clean the grill.

Alternatively, you can use another tip to throw some fresh rosemary into the hot charcoal so that the grill smells better.

Use lemon

When you grill meat, or fish, to prevent food from sticking to the grill, you can use some fresh lemon slices on the grill. This will make the fish, or meat, not to burn when baked and also make the dish more flavorful of delicious fresh lemon.

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Soaking meat in fresh sugar-free milk before marinating and baking the meat will be smoother

Use ice cubes

When you want to grill burgers, or burgers, the addition of a cold stone will make the dish more perfect. The fact that you use a cold stone to roast the meat will help the meat not get dry and your bread tastes better than it makes the dish great

Use fresh milk

Many people want their soft and bold barbecue to use fresh milk, so you can soak soft meat, then you can marinate meat according to your recipe.

You should use fresh milk without sugar overnight and the next day before preparing marinated meat for baking, you only need to pour the milk away, wash it in cold water and then marinate the spices before baking is a more perfect dish. a lot of.

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Use lemon slices to put on the blister to prevent the meat from burning

Boil through meat before baking

This method is used by many people when grilling meat, because it makes the dish softer, quicker and without losing meat. This method is one of the most convenient ways, you can prune the meat through boiling water and put it in a little salt so that the meat is slightly cooked, then you can take out the meat and marinate with your own recipe and wait about 20 -30 minutes for spicy meat and grilled.

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