Crab in the crab should processing and preserving what's right?

(MissNews)-crab in the Crab should be processed and preserved properly, what you already know to ensure health for all?, a crab in the crab, crab, crab crab in preserving ...

Crab in the crab is delicious, is also good for your health but if you don't know the correct processing, will bring in relatives, even from the select type of food was also needed urgently. By crab crab if no longer fresh raw or not cooked properly will make you risk facing the kinds of bacteria that cause food poisoning, such as bosses, coccoid bacteria commas.

Photo : Crab in the crab should processing and preserving what's right?

Crab in the crab should processing and preserving what's right? Crabs crab is delicious food, is also good for health.

Processing, preservation?

Choose delicious crab crab

-When choosing crab, looking outside to see grey opaque crust, press into the cynical crab found solid, cynical to have more crab meat is.

-Should not choose crab look more bluish look tomorrow and rods, hands on bibs found software is kind of succulent crab, porous, less meat, not delicious.

-Should choose fresh, real cynical view still hang on the torso, legs and more healthy, flexible motion, gai on and tomorrow is still identity crabs as possible.

There are several kinds of crab red crab, crab-like the three dots, blue swimmer crabs ... but delicious crab meat and nutritious, many remain blue swimmer crabs.

-Should not choose too large, the medium will more meat and more delicious.

-Choose the truth, by adult hands, click on the bibs are not weak.

-If like to eat steamed crab meat then select males, press the hand into the suicide part cynical (the bottom, near the foot of oars), if not then that's concave crab crab meat for sure.

-If like to eat crab in there, then select the tiles. The child has a slightly yellow color, the legs squeeze very firmly, not soft or slightly concave.

-The male crab in the cynical (the triangle below the abdomen) are small, crab in the cynical then to.

OK, need to buy growth kept in cages, cool box, avoid the Sun. Not to crab portunus submerged in water because the crab is easy to die. The top has the country on to the towel, paper or newspaper to hold moisture for crab (crab live help add 4-8 hours after you picked out of the water).

Processing and use of crabs, portunus trituberculatus

Boiled crab in crab-from 20-30 minutes is edible. Crab coming nine will gradually rise, to crab in the pot for 2-3 minutes, then remove, rinse with boiling water to cool, and then eat.

-Some people prefer for the little white wine, or vinegar rice to crab in the crab to antiseptic before eating.

-Need the cynical crab, crab, carrying bags, crab's stomach (located just behind the mouth of crabs), liver and pancreas (yellow fluid in the joint between the crab body) as containing many parasites, bacteria-is also the place to accumulate many toxins.

-Crab should die immediately processing to avoid invading bacteria (crab Shell Crab by bacteria, contains many fast degradation should be born many toxins).

-Crab, crab in nine plastic bags should be included in clean, closed, forced to stop stone crab storage refrigerator 2-5 days. But growth can more acid radicals, affect health should not reserve for too long in the fridge.

-Hot pot With growth after washing, separation, remove the dirt and mud overalls inside crab crab crab crab in tight, and then two. The cooking process, the growth of freshwater will make the soup very tasty sweet, not so tired.

Should not:

-Do not make use of the crab broth because there are many toxic substances from infected only crab meat out.

-Should not eat shellfish, crabs, crab or not yet cooked.

-Should not eat fruit right after eating the crab portunus trituberculatus, because protein, calcium will be reduced a lot. The chemical of the fruit is easy to combine with calcium to form material indigestion, abdominal pain, nausea ...

Should only eat fruit after eating crab crab in 2 hours.

-Crab in the crab eating should not drink beer, because that will increase.

-Do not drink tea right after eating crab crab because of high quality tea leaves are easy to combine with the calcium in the crab boats into hard calcium is dissolved. Should only drink tea after eating seafood for 2 hours.