Do not be foolish to put these 5 things in the microwave, some genuine things explode like 'timer bombs'

Many people have the habit of putting these things in the microwave arbitrarily without knowing they leave unpredictable dangers:

Fresh Eggs

Many people think that fresh whole eggs, cooked by boiling or baking them on the stove, can be similarly processed with a microwave, but this is a completely wrong thought.

When fresh raw eggs are left intact in the microwave, the high temperature in the oven will cause the air in the egg to expand, leading to the outer shell to expand, causing the egg to explode. Doing so not only makes the egg splash, dangerous, dirty, but also poses a very high risk of furnace explosion.

Instead of putting the whole egg in the microwave, you should break the egg into a bowl, you can beat the yolk and then put it in the microwave like other normal dishes.

Plastic containers, plastic utensils

We all know, hot food when put in plastic containers or plastic containers are very harmful to health, sometimes too high heat levels also make the plastic to melt. Putting plastic containers or plastic utensils such as bowls, spoons, plates, etc. into the microwave can cause similar consequences, even more serious.

Therefore, you can only put plastic in the microwave if it is labeled as 'microwave safe', use for up to 3 minutes, do not take longer, and note when using Microwave ovens cannot be closed.

Banknote, paper bags and plastic bags

Many families cook food by wrapping food with foil and putting it in the microwave. Experts recommend that you do not use foil in the microwave, because the foil wrap for food in the microwave, microwave waves do not penetrate, creating sparks that are easy to do. the furnace is on fire.

Picture 1 of Do not be foolish to put these 5 things in the microwave, some genuine things explode like 'timer bombs' Photo 1 of Do not be foolish to put these 5 things in the microwave, some genuine things explode like 'timer bombs'

In addition, putting paper bags, plastic bags or newspaper into the microwave is not recommended. Low temperatures may not cause any problems, but when you use the microwave in high heat, paper or plastic bags emit toxic gases, or can ignite. .

Cold rice

If the rice stays at room temperature for a long time it may contain bacterial spores that can multiply and cause food poisoning, according to the National Health Agency (NH) S. The microwave will not kill bacteria, so you should eat freshly cooked rice, or refrigerate it immediately after reheating afterwards with a microwave.

Mother milk

If you have children, avoid warming breast milk in the microwave, as studies have shown that microwaves heat milk and food unevenly, leading to 'hot spots' that can burn the mouth and throat of the little.

In general, when reheating foods, make sure they have been cooked at high temperatures and do not eat any leftovers longer than three days to ensure the food remains safe and free of bacteria or mold. grows on it.

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