His white coffee, delicious crunchy salt that simple

In the food village, the population of retired Vietnam then maybe Roasted Salted cannon is still attractive dishes, many people enjoy because of the delicious taste of its fascinating features.

Feast your family will add rich, stimulating taste when having coffee disk Cannon eaten, it also promotes the effect helps save costs sisters go on daily market.

Roasted tomato, Cannon Bowl is usually planted from October to January the following year. Eggplant fruit, cultivated from December until April the following year. Roasted delicious salt Cannon, while eating soy or sauce dotted with intensely will very put rice.

Feast your family will add rich, stimulating taste when having coffee disk Cannon served.

To have coffee dishes delicious, crunchy white salt Cannon, being stunned, not being knows, not sour, needs attention to the following issues.

How to choose coffee beans Cannon

To the most delicious salt coffee, when buy select the result to all, not too young or too old no (remaining cakes). Especially not wilt, not duct or favors. The best is still fresh, new are picked. Or maybe split result both for the young or old, or coffee cake.

If the coffee maker is still immature, yet granular salt, when completed will be soft rather than brittle. Old coffee maker special usually granular salt, finishing very pungent and aromatic, and rather than being tough.

Coffee maker just for the salt to be left when cutting out the coffee maker found in gut granular part coffee maker just enough statues granular but have white, not gold.

Raw materials salt roasted Cannon

-Roasted fresh guns: 1 kg, should you choose to buy fresh guns, coffee left equally, not too young nor too old, it is best to buy the new kind of picked on yourself;

-Horn Peppers: 10 results;

-Garlic: 3 bulbs;

-Ginger: 1 branch;

-Spices: salt, sugar;

-1 glass jugs, ceramic or glass used to salt coffee maker;

Preliminary way

Buy about a half day or a cool place to bring sunshine, the coffee wilt going for 2. The stem but don't cut too close, then dipping into the pot with salt, 15 minutes to coffee maker out poison, Yes;

The removal of the stem may also be made in two ways. One is thin, sharp knife cut the left stalk ... coffee maker is also approximately 5 cups and then light green bark of shaving.

Two is the removal of the stem but not to cut into the coffee maker that just cut out part of the stem. Coffee maker after doing the stem needs washed back through clean water and drained.

Garlic: peeled, slamming beats; Peppers cut the stalks, washed, sliced medium; Ginger brought shaved, washed, Peel into strips

How to salt coffee maker

Coffee makers are usually salt along with salt water. White salt mixed with boiled water to cool.

The amount of water also depends on the amount of coffee maker but when pouring water and roasted in jars (VAT) salt, water must be flooded. If water does not flood, may coffee section above will be deep, black.

Use salt water salt and coffee maker are also mixed with a certain rate to coffee maker when the salt from being too sour or too salty or too duct.

Salt water coffee brewing recipe as follows:

Boil 1 litre of water with 1 table spoon of sugar, 3 spoons of salt, you wedge has a saltier soup is, to cool about 30 degrees C is just salt, roasted tomato sour quickly if you want you can add 1 spoonful of sauce.

Or 1 liter of boiled water to cool along this way, then the salt ・a half tomatoes more medium.

Or 1 liter of water with salt 30gr. This way the coffee maker will sour faster.

Can also use 1 litre of water with salt, ・ so will take more time to tomatoes.

His white coffee, delicious crunchy salt that simple.


When brewing water to salt coffee maker, should phase out superfluous to then also added to the VAT to ensure the water is enough to flooding.

The instruments used are coffee jugs salt faience, glass porcelain jars, jugs The VAT needs to have the lid or right lid mechanism suitable for when the salt roasted are sealed. Do not use plastic or metal.

When preliminary and squeeze each tomato with spices, ginger, garlic, galangal, chilies ... for about 3/5 of jugs, used few thin bamboo slat, clean or a heavy porcelain saucer just enough removed through mouth jugs ... override ballast up on the surface of the coffee maker coffee maker does not emerge from the salt water. Pour the salt water into jugs, water levels are higher than the face coffee maker approximately 5 cm.

After a day need to check again, if salt water levels receding, are timely additions to keep high water level than the coffee maker approximately 5 cm.

After 3-4 days when coffee maker is salt, if salt water emerged a thin topping layer is mixed with salt + water due to lack of salinity necessary, repaired by pouring salt water removal, scratch cooking take other salt water to cool for on.

Coffee left after the salt on the right will see Shell, white stretch bulging out rather than longer opalescent or roasted coffee, green yellow jerseys will have fresh, crispy, spongy feel when they eat, delicious.

Salt roasted to eat xổi

Also choose coffee maker as such, but provides the content of salt blend coffee beans is about 2 liters of water, salt, 100 g of sugar with ・a half 50 gr ginger, garlic, galangal, chilli chopped medium.

You can use boiled water to cool or heat, after the previous phase to cool and then put in the boot. Coffee maker also conduct preliminary processing as above. How to do this, the coffee maker will eat sooner but not for long.

With simple and fast on, you can prepare your family a delicious crunchy Cannon coffee jugs, fascinating, contribute to enrich and stimulate the taste and then family meals.=