How delicious cooking sweet and sour ribs everyone loves to love

Ingredients make sweet and sour ribs

500gr pork ribs

4 tablespoons fish sauce

A little white sugar

1 lemon

1/3 cup cool boiled water

Spices include: Cooking oil, fish sauce, garlic, dry onions, scallions, chili

Sweet and sour ribs taste delicious

Steps to make fried ribs

Step 1: First, take the ribs clean, chop the pieces to taste, bare through boiling water with a pinch of salt to remove odors, then rinse them again and let the water dry.

Step 2: Let the spice marinate with the seasoning seeds, fish sauce for 10-20 minutes to help the ribs infuse the spices. Then you take onions and peeled garlic, crushed. With the scallions, wash, cut into small pieces to decorate

Step 3: Next, you give a little spoon of sugar, 5 tablespoons of vinegar, garlic, chili, half a bowl of cold boiling water, fish sauce and stir. You can prepare the sauce according to your taste like eating more sweet or less sweet, spicy or non-spicy.

You can also replace vinegar with lemon or tamarind, tomatoes are okay. If using lemon, it should be added in the end, because when lemon is boiled for a long time will be bitter.

How to cook sweet and sour ribs delicious hiccups

Step 4: Take the ribs after boiling through boiling water, drain and fry them with cooking oil. Note fried slightly yellowish color, avoiding burning will cause the ribs to dry, knotted will not delicious. Next, you remove the non-yellow onions, pour the sauce mixture, simmer. Then, add the ribs sauce, stir well, then cook until the paste is thick, turn off the heat

Note: One of the secrets to the delicious sweet and sour ribs is to be soft, taste is when you fry your ribs, add a little water, simmer for about 5 minutes, so the ribs are both delicious and soft, No drying makes perfect ribs delicious.