How delicious pickled Golden crispy, that simple

How to improve the listening, the delicious pickled seems simple but not everyone did.

Pickling is one of the dishes with indispensable in many families.

Pickling is one of the dishes of many families, especially when the menu has many dishes or poached dishes, fried ... The not so you can use pickling to make very tasty dishes such as Braised carp melon, melon, watermelon, ribs cooked meat Depot. ... Want to pickle to be long after the pickles just eat, you tell watermelon jugs on the fridge!

Raw materials

1 kg of melon.

40 g sugar blonde

40 g salt

Peppers, green onions ...

How to do:

Integral wealth ever leaves, washed.

Improved stacking trays out slightly for a wilting Sun.

Green onions cut off the roots, exposure to wilt in the same wealth.

Cut 5 cm length and improvement, giving the wash.

Rinse clean the dust, then picked out the drain.

Salt water melon wealth should take the boiled water, to the warm sound. Salt water mix: 1.2 liters of water, 40 g sugar, 40 g gold salt mix and taste brackish taste brackish.

For conversion of melon on VAT, add salt water to pickle lemon, flooded down before, leaves above, and then add the scallions, chopped chilies, use 1 disc override for wealth are submerged in salt water.

Sealed, about 2-3 days is edible.

However when noodle and eat as fast as new to on, if gave on that for so long, the melon will be viscosity.

To pickle the salt from being stunned, you note the famous medium is clean. With this simple way of pickling is done always taste sour, not crispy, fragrant, stunned.

How delicious, crispy yellow pickled extremely simple.

The most important is the pickled stitching needs moderate salt: too much salt as well reform melon takes delicious but less easy to make fast improvements melon salt damage, favors. Of course indispensable way, will help "cantaloupe.

If you like you can add sliced green onions together, two neighbors of the material makes for delicious melon.=