How to cook fragrant Gac sticky rice, beautiful, everyone wants to eat

Raw materials for Gac sticky rice

1 ripe Gac sticky rice

1kg of delicious sticky rice

Salt: 1 small spoon

Sugar: 3 teaspoons of sugar

White wine: 2 small spoons

Recipes delicious Gac sticky rice everyone should know

How to cook Gac sticky rice

Step 1: First, you choose a delicious sticky rice, then bring clean glutinous rice, submerge in the water for about 6 - 7 hours. Then rinse with water to drain.

Step 2: Take the Gac red ripe and mixed Gac meat, glutinous rice and small salt spoon to mix, then put the rice in steamed steamer for about 30 minutes. When mixing rice and Gac you try to mix your hand thoroughly after the finished product will be equally beautiful red.

Step 3: Next, keep the sticky rice until you see the glutinous rice grains slowly cooked, then use the sticky rice to make the sticky rice. Continue steaming some sticky rice for another 10 -15 minutes, then the dish can be completed.

How to cook fragrant Gac sticky rice delicious each grain of rice

Step 4: When you see the Gac sticky rice is soft and flexible, lift it out of the kitchen, wait for it to evaporate, then sprinkle with sugar and mix your hand to mix it. Next, you put away the disc or molded beautifully to enjoy with family members.

Note: Gac sticky dish is only successful when you see soft, sticky sticky sticky rice, each grain of rice is dyed in red color of Gac. When sticky rice you remember to moderate fire to avoid too sticky situation, but also should not eat sticky rice will be less delicious. Wishing you success with this dish Gac sticky offline!