How to grow vegetables at home or the clean and simple

We now grow vegetables at home has become the skill of the people of the town, grow vegetables at home is both a relaxing fun remake spirits product fresh vegetables for the family feast.

Sometimes, not the family would also have extensive outdoor space to plant a garden for their own. So, plant vegetables in house solution is also very rewarding to review and practice, there are countless ways you can realise your ideas.

Planting trees in the glass box-Terrarium

Terrarium is the name of the tree planting in the glass box measures, extremely suitable for the cramped space.

Terrarium is the name of the tree planting in the glass box measures, extremely suitable for the cramped space. The great thing is that you can create with any type of terrarium glass jars as glass box, glass bowls and even glass bulbs.

To create a terrarium, you should note a few things: the first is the glass jar where you intend to plant small gardens. Next is the type of plant, usually these trees need to be planted in the middle. Use the land with proper humidity, not too wet or too dry. Once planted and watered the tree, the soil surface should be covered by gravel and MOSS green.

Growing plants in pots

Spice trees, flowers and plants can be grown by traditional methods in the pots. You buy the type of planting pots with designs, materials and different size according to your needs.

Choose simple, economical and most traditional terracotta pots are kind or plastic pots. While not required in design but you can decorate more external details to his more attractive planters.

With the kind of large size pots over the drainage holes are necessary. So, should choose the types of pots are more than a drainage hole to the tree being flood water.

Planting trees in the recycling containers

You can reuse the paper cups or tin cans of food packaging, tea ...

This is a green solution, increasingly more people interested because leverage is the type of boxes in the House. You can reuse the paper cups or tin cans of food packaging, tea, coffee. In addition, they also make beautiful for your living space.

Planting trees in the balcony

If you have a balcony in the home then this is great opportunity to plant the garden. Balcony garden can be planted under many ways, combining the types of pots, containers and vial. Even, you can mount them on the wall to save an area of.

Instead of abandoned balcony, make it become clean vegetable garden for the family. Growing vegetables in wooden boxes or styrofoam is simple without too much effort tón bẵm care.

You may not have enough room in the outdoors but that doesn't mean you can't take nature into his house. If you love gardening then the examples and tips that can help you create mini gardens and lovely balcony gardens to enjoy.

Should buy fertilizer

Select the ground or reviews can grow vegetables originally very important, usually each home or make use of the land available to grow vegetables in pots, so the soil planting vegetables or vegetable crops, due to the lack of nutrition requires fertilizer fertilizers more after each cut, so just cut the first tree then eating vegetables wane , leaves of gold.

So should you buy supplies a little sugar price can grow vegetables or organic fertilizer, Christopher trùn cinnamon and a few jars manure NPK, few signed lime, mushroom trichoderma .... to ready additional fertilizing for vegetables planted after each harvest of vegetable crops will help keep out new green leaves.

You remember the note fertilizing just enough clean vegetable planting Guide and secure to the delicious vegetables.

Choose vegetable planting pots placement where enough sunlight

If growing vegetables that are missing the Sun, the little trees crashing more branches, vegetables have rocketed higher, environmentally sick phenomenon, lack of green leaves.

The majority of vegetable plants need the sunlight completely full, especially vegetable vegetables such as leafy vegetables, garlic, herbs, peppers, melons .... If planting vegetables that are missing the Sun, the little trees crashing more branches, vegetable crops are phenomenal roof, environmentally ill, lack of green leaves.

Only a few vegetables can be grown in the shade of the tree as leaves Los que, seasonings, vegetables cheeks, braised vegetables, pineapple leaves ... but need the soil always moist.

On the other hand, the minimum height of the bottom of the tray (pots) grow vegetables are from 15-20 cm to root vegetables can be developed long, shallow trays or pots in the bottom of the planting if the brief tree nutrition, mau gets stunted slowly grew.

To grow vegetables at home, good, effective fits vegetable crops healthy and each time harvest sufficient processing for the family then requires the planting area is quite pretty, can drill rush to plant more vegetables eaten leaves at the same time, should be planted in rotation with few types of trays, pots from 4-6 to the harvest is plenty.

Private vegetable species grow long time as Basil vegetables, vegetable ngò gai, spinach, Endive, green onions, Lemongrass, peppermint, then planted a few flower pots and fertilizing regularly for the trees are always good.=