How to make beef kho melon 'tasty peachy'

Beef kho melon

Raw materials

-500 gr of beef, 3 tomatoes, sauerkraut (should select a large tree about 3 cups melon improve sour salt).

-Spices, fat, 1 yellow pepper Dalat, radish to garnish.

Delicious dishes.


-Should choose buy beef tenderloin, because when the repository with melon will be very soft. Wash the meat, chunks and marinated with little spices and onions.

-Pickling cukes to wash with cold water through the profile, cut smaller pieces about 2-3 cm to drain.

-Wash the tomatoes, cut a 6 or 8 custom result. Additional double bell pepper, seeds removed, chopped strands. Double cut red beets for garnish.

-Aromatic oil or grease with astronauts and tomatoes on the island over, next up for for innovation to sour. The little wedge of spices and then cover and simmer about 20 minutes, then open the lid out, island melon for permeability for stir-fry beef the next. Continue to simmer for about 20 minutes more to the soft melon and permeability.

-Chili pepper red beets into sugar frills of the disc, then folded the tomato into the circle and then placed the meat and pickle up improvements.

With the same arsenal of melon dishes, besides beef kho is a very popular dish is melon, also poached pork Pickle is also very popular in Home Free.

Poached pork pickle

Soft, aromatic pork, combine together sour pickle's subdued wealth makes meat melon repository becomes really delicious mouth.

Soft, aromatic pork, combine together sour pickle's subdued wealth makes meat melon repository becomes enjoyment and attractive for dinner.


-300 g of bacon

-1 bowl of pickles

-Shallot, spices, water row, sauce, oil

How to do:

-Thai Meat chunks cooked through meat to meat out for dirty foam and then rinse with water.

-Wash melon for less salty and sour.

-For the meat to noodle, marinated with onions, seasoning, sauce, oil. Pour the water from the road to get into the winning row color for meat. Marinated meat within 30 minutes for spicy tube.

-For the meat onto the cooktop range 20 minutes until meat is tender.

-Then, for melon. Simmer until the water in the pot to make a paste. If you want to eat more water then you just boil till soft melon.

-Poached for meat melons out discs and enjoy with hot rice. Very simple dish to put rice, especially in these days of season like this.=