How to make crispy simmered shrimp for the weekend of changing everyone's taste

Raw materials to make crispy shrimp

400g shrimp,

Some scallions,

1 sprig of ginger

1 garlic

1 red pepper,

1 green pepper

Spices: including starch, cooking alcohol, salt, pepper.

Crispy and delicious crispy shrimp with shrimp helps your family to change dishes for everyone to enjoy

Make crispy simmered shrimp dishes

Step 1: First, choose a delicious shrimp that you like, you can choose shrimp or black tiger as you like. After buying the shrimps, cut off the beard, rinse and drain.

Step 2: With sliced ​​onion into 2 cm small pieces, sliced ​​ginger, minced garlic, red and green chili peppers, sliced.

Step 3: Next, marinate the bowl with a tablespoon of cooking wine, 1 teaspoon of salt and ½ teaspoon of pepper, then mix the ingredients and marinate for about 20 minutes. Next, after marinating, mix shrimp with 3 tablespoons of starch so that the dough evenly covers the shrimp body.

Step 4: Put the pan on the stove and pour a little cooking oil into the pan, heat up the old. Then, you put the shrimp to fry gold on high heat until the 2 sides are yellow. Pour onions, ginger, garlic, etc. into a pan to stir-fry with shrimp for about 2 -3 minutes. Then, scoop shrimp into a plate, use hot.

Crispy rim shrimp is both tasty and delicious, the whole family beat the rice cooker

Hopefully with this way of processing, shrimp has a crunchy crust, the inside of the meat is soft, not dry, a passionate spicy smell that everyone loves. Wish you success with how to cook crispy shrimp in this new way offline!