How to make delicious meat-stuffed eggs that made simple


-Duck egg: 7 results

-Lean meat 250 g

-Shiitake mushrooms: 5 g

-Ear: 5 g

-Wheat flour: 50 g

-Tomato: 100 g

-Dried onion: 15 g

-Sugar: 10 g

-Waxy Powder: 20 g

-Cilantro: 40 g

-Grease 50 ml water

-Sauce, bread, salt, pepper.

Feast day of East egg steaming meat stuffed with the disk.

How to do:

-Minced pork, shiitake mushrooms and pickled ear blooms, wash, just small. Peeled chopped shallot. Mix all the above together, add noodles, seasoning sauce, real excavation.

-Duck egg washed, cooked, peeled, chopped yolk, taking the double, to own. Stuffed meat into the rounded back as white eggs. Tomato seeds removed, chopped. Inclusion of flour make up the surface of the meat-stuffed Paninis. Hot fat old module, for fried eggs into gold (for the meat down first) took out the presentation on the plate.

-Non-aromatic onions, tomato stir-fry carefully for seasoning, sauce, sugar, water, down to the little waxy powder. The dough, the sauce for the noodles match just to eat.

-Fever grew Intense egg, sprinkle cilantro over egg yolk eaten hot.


Fried eggs are yellow, red, pink sauce just the right match. The smell of meat, mushrooms, floating. Dark sweet taste. The egg does not break, no flaking, beautifully presented.

How 2

Raw materials

-Duck egg: 7 results

-Grind meat 250 g

-Minced Chicken Meat 5 g

-Shiitake mushrooms: 5 g

-Ear: 5 g

-Wheat flour: 50 g

-Tomato: 100 g

How to do:

This is the dish to be many people's favorite.

-Ear, shiitake mushrooms wash, soak the hot water for bloom and then picked out the scales, just drained, minced small truth.

-Pork meat grind mix well with small minced chicken meat (or you can use the whole by the pork). For on the little seasoning, pepper, shiitake, ear, marinated meat about 10 minutes to penetrate the spices.

-Duck egg washed rind, cooked, soaked in cold water and Peel.

-Added double-sharp knife vertically and egg yolk, egg white separator to separate. Note do not put the torn white. Red hearts for chips in. out.

-The meat after seasoning absorbent stuffing into each of the egg white, miết for medium meat equal to the edge of the egg.

-1 teaspoon of flour with water to make a slightly and then spreads over the surface of the meat.

-North oil pan up kitchen for fried eggs into a medium level, the meat, then fried before, fried until golden egg ruộm. 2 's face was salvaged, the eggs out presentation to disk.

-Non-aromatic little shallot in pan with little oil.

-Choose the type of tomato powder, wash, many small pieces, for the pan fried astronauts in oil has low heat for tomato is soft, add about 1 tablespoon water, heat tomatoes out of flour, water, match make a sauce, salt-wedge, to fit the mouth into the tomato sauce.

Drop into the tomato sauce at least green onions, stir and then North down. (If you want smooth tomato sauce and tomato, more match after FRY for nine on a sieve to comb out the shell and granular, powder to the sauce slightly down comparison then for United on).

-Intense tomato sauce onto the disk, Sprinkle chicken egg yolk eggs up, sprinkle a little cilantro. Serve hot with steamed rice very aromatic, delicious.

I wish you success!=