How to tell pork, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp simplified extreme chemical pump

Currently, the status of pork, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp ... pumps, chemical laced takes place, causing the widespread consumer confusion. Here are the ways to get to know the pork, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp simplified extreme chemical pumps.

How to recognize chemical pump shrimp

The shrimp pumps, chemicals and impurities usually have the tail section were tòe rather than showing all and swept down as the shrimp. Shrimp body and pumps, powder or chemicals are usually straight, fat burning, stress on the fuselage were shrimp chill out, especially between the head and the torso of shrimp. Bring the shrimp pumps very hard, straight and flat, soft rather than stretch bulging and hang on to the top of the shrimp as the shrimp clean. The shrimp was soaked, injecting chemicals often more water when cooking, eating very pale, and surrounded by peeled.

The shrimp was soaked, urea is often very strained and shell, water account, as part of carrying. Observation will see the first part not sure, was the right fit and almost left the fuselage; spiny lobster'm all pale shell colors, rather than bold as clean shrimp. When cook out more water, strange smelling meat, very pale and atrophy, hardening.

How to tell pork, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp simplified extreme chemical pumps.

For delicious shrimp, not chemical pump, the dark and shiny shrimp shells; soft and curvy body; tail swept down and stacking; especially is intact, the more prickly, and antennae. Should buy the crawfish meat, in and fastened to the shell. It is best to choose the prawns still fishy split jump.

For frozen or processed shrimp available, you check by holding the head and then pull it straight out shrimp shrimp body gently, if the coupling on the shell snugly together then that's new, cleaner shrimp. If the joints do not fit then the news is old shrimp and chemical pumps.

Prawn common shrimp is the most chemical pumps, so when choosing to buy shrimp you are extremely careful. Should not choose to purchase the prawns are pink just because it's the crawfish ươn.

Also with prawns, you should buy the shell pink white blue eyes

Shrimp, they must eliminate the dark pink colored because it is the shrimp were so long and chemical pumps.

How to recognize chemical pump fish

To the naked eye, when you choose to buy, you look at the remaining fish carrying the blood is fresh fish. In contrast, carries no red but still very fresh fish, the look was definitely marinated over the weld. The South Korean marinated fish, very fresh but when seeing urea press hand on his fish body soft, concave-down fish find due to low elasticity, ankle indentations into the fish smell, smells strange, not fishy smell characteristic of fish.

The fish were over marinated the weld when cooking the black foam floating on the water, and fish bones of fish meat, black also has no sweetness, natural aromatic flesh soft, duct, sweating. With fresh fish, cooking does not appear on the black foam on the water, bones are white, sweet-scented natural fish meat, not duct, sweating.

For frozen fish buyer, let's observe how the person selling ice for fishing. If the fish is fresh, the seller is often presented with a lot of stones to keep the fish fresh longer; also fish marinated the weld is often marinated with rocky is not needed anymore.

Note: for the best, you should choose to buy seafood in the familiar store reputation and trust to avoid buying must be marinated seafood. Should you choose to buy foods that are preserved in the frozen system, refrigerator or in small shaved ice. ..

How to tell the beef chemical pump

Steak and pumps common chemical paste, there are no colors, not natural. In particular, how to tell the beef was chemical pump when you press your hands into the meat pieces and spent there post-surgical Mr hands on pieces of meat. When Thai beef does not stick knife and observed carefully you will see water to leak out.

For delicious steak meat small fibers, although India, strong fingers on meat but when lifting your finger off the meat will not leave marks. To make sure you buy the meat delicious then you should buy of acquaintance, or the address of the prestige, reliability, the Quarantine Bureau of food safety and hygiene.

How to identify chicken chemical pump

Chicken fillet and thighs are the two positions are usually chemical pump on for. By the location that much meat, chemicals will seep into the meat not be bailed out. It is also the location of the two you should observe carefully in order to get to know the view is this chick pumps chemicals or not.

The secret of getting to know the chemical pump chicken is also very simple. If you see the ball, thick meat fibers stretch, to then don't purchase, most likely it is the chicken being the chemical pump. If left whole, you carry the slope opposite the chicken up if it has been more then deform the chemical pump. If you see the chicken fat, then you can use a knife or a sharp pierce the skin, if pumps chemicals then you will see the water flowing out.

How to tell pork chemical pump

When you see the meat mostly lean that almost no fat, meat have dark red jerseys as the beef is what kind of meat do farmers used increased chemical substance of corticosteroids. Many cases confusion between the pork with the beef when you see red meat color than the normal level. However, at present most of the pork on the market are contaminated with toxic substances due to the types of thank you weight the drug protection, ... Therefore, choosing the right kind of lack of quality meat is unavoidable. However, you also need to pay attention to limit to the maximum the selection and load on the body types of harmful substances.=