Making a bitter meat stuffing, attractive both

Make meat stuffed bitter, fascinating.


-500 g bitter

-8 ear mushroom cat

-green onions, coriander

-200 g of pork

-1 duck egg

-Sauce, pepper, MSG, salt

How to do:

-Bitter: the operating knife at the top left to use a teaspoon for left colon take the seeds out on, wash and drain.

-Cat Mushroom soaking water boiling, baking for ear fungus. The Thai then paste the thread.

-Wash the onion finely chopped. Coriander washed to drain.

-Pork skin, the thin-shelled and chopped. For pepper, salt, sweet powder to taste. Then mix well with mushroom duck egg + cat + green onions.-A mighty meat mixture just mix into each of the positions through to the medium is full.

The way of processing

-Boiling Cooking level 1 liter of water, on a little salt and turn for suffering through it, to the fire to let the boiling water up, remove foam and started to fire small for suffering through the software.

Regular foam and not picked cover the pot to use the framework, through the soft taste, the wedge back water use by sauce, MSG, salt to taste.

Real simple doesn't it, so what are you waiting for, go do it now the delicious dishes that this nourishing for all enjoy, in Exchange for the feast.=