Making beans stuffed with meat is both simple and delicious, surely everyone likes it

Meat stuffing ingredients

- 4 large tofu covers

- 200g minced ground meat

- 1 handful of green onions; 1 shallot; 3 large tomatoes

- Spices: Flour, sugar, fish sauce, chili just enough

How to make stuffed beans meat

Step 1: First, select the delicious soft tofu, then cut in half horizontally. When cutting beans, use a square slitting knife in the middle of each small piece of bean, scoop the beans inside the square without puncturing the bottom of the pieces.

Beans stuffed with strange mouth meat

Step 2: Next, you get tomatoes washed, diced. With finely chopped scallions, shredded onions for easier cooking.

Step 3: You mix the meat with a little beans to scoop out. Add a little soup powder, green onions, and mix well to make the dish delicious.

Step 4: Use a spoon, scoop the meat between the beans. Next, use a spoon to gently press and rub to smooth. Do so in turn until the end.

Step 5: Next, heat the cooking oil in a pan, fill the beans with fried meat on both sides, but do not need to cook too much, causing the beans and meat to dry. Then put the beans on a plate to wait to enjoy.

Beans stuffed with delicious meat

Step 6: Next, pilot the aromatic onion in the pot with some cooking oil. Then, add the tomatoes. And then you add fish sauce, soup powder, enough sugar. Cook until the tomatoes are smooth.

Step 7: Add tofu stuffed with fried meat. Simmer until beans infuse tomatoes and spices.