Mrs. Mulberry wine making deft Township for drinking my husband would!

Some day sailings to market, I saw many Mulberry sale too. About talking to you, you just keep pounding urged the Township Township his wife buy Mulberry fruit about soaking for you to eat or can make you drink Mulberry wine.

Her stress, also want to PM you but never soaked Township Mulberry wine ever. So I'm just scared of them broken then. But he said Township, just buy Mulberry home choose the ripe fruit. Then rinse with water sạnh about 2 or 3 times and to really drained. Everything is left depending on you, you do soak Township Township.

Not yet assured, I will ask you how Mulberry wine immersion. He said this simple as pickled knitting basket. Just when Mulberry has drained, folded into the strawberry layer 1 layer 1, jugs of sugar. If anyone wants to drink the sweet Strawberry 5 kg is about 800 g sugar. Then sealed into place to cool about 20 minutes is drinkable.

Time of water first, mulberry will start to add 1 litre of white wine and tasty to add 5 more days is drinkable. Mulberry wine jugs can drink several times. He also said wine drinking mulberry Township, good, help blood circulation and relieve back pain.

Not yet believe in you town said, and want to do a mulberry wine jugs really delicious for drinking, before you do, I had to call him. And his father guided her main wineries Mulberry standard. Myself seen, must follow the ways of his new grandson, the mom.

To make the wine you drink Township, mulberry, the sisters prepare the following materials:

-5 kg Mulberry-3 kg white seems to-1-2 liters of white wine-1 glass jugs to


1. When to market buy on Mulberry, you should cut off the stem, wash gently with water. Often you rinse about 2-3 times. To last wash to wash with diluted brine. Then, remove the basket to drain.

2. In the time waiting for strawberry drained, you enlist to cook a pot of boiling water. When heated to about 80 degrees, through intense Strawberry basket. This measure helps the strawberries while soaking so long not be mold or floating VAT topping.

3. Put on the VAT for 1 Strawberry layer, 1 layer of the road as do the other fruit drink. The top layer was a layer of sugar.

Keep lid sealed and incubated within 20 days, Strawberry will out.

After soaking for about 15 days, at this time you should open Strawberry dipping out the check. Use of clean, submerged part Strawberry the top down jugs to infuse evenly.

Soak for 30 days, you open and decanting the bottle/jar out the juice. Then, close the mouth airtight bottles/jars and stored in a refrigerator used gradually.

3. You can mix the strawberry juice with ice drink soft drinks are also very tasty. With Strawberry body rest, you should pour white wine on. After that, the next 1, brewed sealed again. This time correctly, root user will towel Strawberry squeezed to strawberry wine bold taste delicious.

Mulberry drinking the delicious taste from the cooking and then the mother not you your drink Township which woman he also drink on. His sister Mulberry drinking good for the blood circulation and can add excitement when xxx my husband anymore.

In particular, when soaked in the way on his grandfather's nephew, only seen very wine, delicious and best match is not broken. Never soak the mulberry wine that I do better than all the uk shows how Township. My mother would get excited about Mulberry wine immersion can refer this recipes.=