Not salt, this is the effective way to remove the fishy smell of ink, double the taste

Set of 3 unbeaten: crushed ginger + white salt + white wine

Crushed ginger + 1 spoon of white wine + 1 spoon of white salt rubs vigorously on the body of the squid. The essence of ginger, along with the active ingredients in white wine and white salt, will effectively eliminate the fishy odor of the ink and eliminate bacteria. If you use white glutinous rice wine, it also helps increase the flavor of the squid when processing.

White wine, sesame oil

After cleaning the ink, season the ink with 1 tablespoon of sesame oil for 5 minutes, then rub the white wine with salt to rub the ink body. This way will help women in the market eliminate the fishy smell of ink effectively.

Use lemon

Lemons contain a lot of acid - this is a very effective defrosting material. You squeeze the juice of 2 to 3 lemons (take care not to take seeds). Then rub the lemon juice on the ink and squeeze evenly, after 5 minutes rinse with water is okay.

Use sugar

You add 1 tbsp of sugar and marinate the squid for 5 minutes, paying close attention to rubbing the surface of the ink carefully. Then rinse several times with clean water. This way not only helps you beat the fishy smell effectively, but also helps the fried squid dish is crispy, lumpy, not tough.


You can use blanched green tea water with squid, then soak in cold water. Then wash the ink with water. Blanching with tea will help eliminate the fishy smell of the ink. Soaking with cold water will help keep the squid crispy.

After marinating, make sure to blanch the squid through boiling water

With fried squid dishes, after performing the marinated stages, you should blanch the squid with boiling water for 1 minute. Then take out and soak in ice bucket, to create brittle, help ink when finished processing does not flow.