Processing this type of vegetable has both lost its substance, and picked up hundreds of diseases on its body

Soak in water

Many housewives have a habit of soaking vegetables in water for a long time before processing them. However, this is a mistake. Soaking in water for too long makes dirt and chemicals seep back into the vegetables. In addition, it also causes vegetables to lose more nutrients and vitamins.

To remove bacteria and chemicals, it is best to wash vegetables under running water. You can also soak vegetables in diluted salt water, but don't leave it for more than 10 minutes. After soaking, rinse vegetables with clean water.

Green vegetables for a long time

Currently, many housewives have a habit of buying a lot of food and store it for a week to eat. This saves time but does not guarantee nutrition. Green vegetables for a long time even though stored in the refrigerator will also reduce quality.

Cut vegetables and do not cook immediately

Most vitamins in vegetables are "volatile". After cutting vegetables without processing immediately, these substances are oxidized, no longer nutritious as the original.

Peel off all the skin

According to nutritionists, the peels of some vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, turnips, and eggplants contain a lot of vitamin C. Therefore, you should not waste this valuable nutrient. Rinse the vegetables and then process without peeling.

Cook for too long

Vitamins in vegetables are easy to break down if cooked for too long at high temperatures. Dietitians recommend that the cooking time for vegetables should not be extended.