She made sure to cook the 4-course meal, not until 100 thousand, so delicious that her husband ate it and still craved it



Carp, tomato, green onion, spices

How to make carp with tomato sauce

Step 1: Cut the fish and remove the intestine, remove the rinsing to clean the black membrane in the abdomen. In the recipe today, we use the 0.5 kg fish, so keep the fish, and if you cook the fish bigger then cut it, Fish after you clean it, then cross it and then pepper and spices.

Step 2: Put the hot oil pan on the stove and fry the fish then display the plate

Step 3: While frying the fish, take advantage of washing tomatoes, seeding and chopping, peeled onions and crushed small pieces, scallions and spoons cut the root, pick up the broken parts and wash, cut the 2 fingers and separate bowl

Step 4: Drain the oil in the fry fish pan if the oil is still too much, the aromatic onion then add the tomatoes and stir-fry, in the process of stir-fry the tomato you should add a little seasoning and a little fish sauce for the coffee Quick and sour sour.

Add the fish when the tomatoes are ok, add 3 tablespoons of water to the fish soaked in tomato sauce, boil the fish sauce pot for about 5 minutes and season again to taste, add the onion and the spoon and north eat hot.


Purple pilots give aroma, put minced meat into stir-fry, season with little seasoning seeds and pepper. When the scent of meat off the stove. Wait until the meat is cold, beat 3 eggs and mix well.

Non-edible oil with red onion in the new pan, pour the fried egg meat under low heat. When the dish is cooked, the disc is complete.


Washed vegetables, cut into pieces about 5cm long. Bring water to boil with a bit of minced meat, season the seasoning and add the vegetables to a soft boil.


Radish melon washed, sliced. Peeled, sliced ​​turnips. Scallions are washed, cut into pieces. Mix pickled brine from cooled boiled water, pure salt. Put melon in clean jars to dry, put salt water in melon, install bamboo blisters and block heavy objects on top and cover tightly, in a cool place. Salted pickles can be eaten on the 2nd day.