Special way to help you fried crispy fish dissolved in the mouth, the whole family compliment delicious switches

Choose fresh fish

When you want a delicious fish dish, remember to choose delicious fish first. Whether you are processing fried fish or braised fish, keep the fish you need to choose fresh fish.

After you have chosen the fish you like, hit the scales to remove salt and rinse well to dry the water before frying. In doing so, the unfried part of the fried fish is not fragrant and delicious.

Let the pan really hot

One of the tips to help you fry fish is delicious when you pan on the stove you need to let the hot rolls. Next, use a few slices of ginger rub on the bottom and the pan, then pour the oil into the fried fish, and add a little salt in the pan.

Delicious fried fish dishes

This method will make the head and ginger combine to form a membrane to prevent the fish from sticking to the pan, salt so that the frying fish will not be splashed with oil and the hard fish will not be crushed.

Dip the fish into the batter

When you want your fish to be both delicious and crunchy, you can also dip the fish through a thin layer of fried dough before putting it in the pan. With this method, you will have a perfect and delicious dish like that. The fish dish will not be shattered but crunchy in the mouth.

Roll the fish over soy sauce

When you fry the delicious fish, remember to use a non-stick pan to help the fish dish from breaking. Also, before frying you roll the fish over the soy sauce dish and let the fish dry. Wait until the oil is hot to release the fish into the pan.

Choose delicious fresh fish before frying

When you do so the fish does not produce water when exposed to hot oil and does not cause the fish to stick to the pan. For salted fish, you should wash the fish before frying will be much better.