Stew any kind of meat do not forget this, the dish will be delicious and irresistible, old and young will love it


Ginger is an indispensable spice in many dishes, especially meat dishes. Ginger has a unique aroma and pungency, it helps to eliminate the smell of meats and helps the dish to taste delicious.


Cinnamon is also a spice commonly used in cooking. This characteristic aromatic spice is often used by many Chinese in meat dishes.

The aroma of cinnamon is really pleasant, when combined with meat it will enhance the flavor of meat along with other ingredients. In particular, using cinnamon casseroles to get broth, the water has a sweet, sweet aroma.

A spoonful of sugar makes beef quicker

Sugar is the secret to making beef broth quick and tender.

Meat bought you just need to clean, cut the pieces to taste and seasoning according to your taste.  You can pre-marinate for about 15 minutes so that the beef is absorbed better. When seasoning, make sure you add a small spoon to the pot. Sugar quickly penetrates into the beef, softening the fibers of the meat.

Another note for a better stew is to use hot water. Instead of putting cold water in a pot to simmer meat, use hot water. Hot water better protects the protein in beef, helping to keep the nutrients intact and the meat cooked faster.