The mistake of eating vegetables makes vegetables lose their quality

According to a dietitian in the composition of cabbage vegetables containing vitamins A, C, K, catoten, abumin ... helps to cool diuretic, but eating vegetables in this way 'procession' is not good.

Cook ripe vegetables too well

The ancients used to say 'need to improve again', so many housewives often cook vegetables too carefully, this job is completely wrong because the forced application of the recipes is not necessarily processed vegetables properly. . One of the basic errors when entering the kitchen is processing food at high temperatures for too long. This will lose most important nutrients. Boiling vegetables too well causes micronutrients such as vitamins B and C to dissolve in water and leak out in a wasteful way.

Cut the vegetables and don't cook immediately

Many housewives have a habit of washing vegetables and cutting the song before an hour but not boiling it right away, which causes the vegetable to lose its quality, because the vitamins in the vegetable are lost and make the vegetables oxidize faster.

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Vegetables are not good for people with kidney disease

According to nutrition experts, you should only wash vegetables before about 5-10 minutes and then put vegetables into processing so your family's vegetables will taste better.

Experts recommend those who do not eat vegetables:

People with gastrointestinal disease

According to nutrition experts, patients suffering from stomach pain or bloating may not eat a lot of vegetables. Because vegetables with a lot of water when you eat them will stimulate diuretic digestion, making your illness worse.

In addition, there is a lot of gas in the improvement of the abdomen, especially when you eat raw, it is more dangerous. So it's best to cook before eating.

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Do not cut it too early before cooking

The pregnant woman has reflux syndrome

For those who are pregnant, eating vegetables is perfectly good because vegetables are high in fiber, adding water to the digestive system of the mother. However, for pregnant mothers with reflux syndrome or allergy, indigestion with cruciferous vegetables should be cautious with cabbage.

The most important ingredient in cabbage is indole, a cabbage that can reduce the effects of some painkillers containing acetaminophen, making treatment less effective.

People with kidney stones

But people with kidney stones should avoid foods that contain oxalic acid because oxalic acids affect the inhibition of calcium and zinc absorption, making the disease more severe.

In addition, the composition of vegetables containing high oxalate is not good for people with kidney failure when eating a lot of vegetables will increase the pressure on the operation of the kidneys.

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