The most shocking pho bowls in Vietnam: 920 thousand have not ranked at the top, the last bowl makes people 'faint'

The most expensive Pho in Hanoi: VND 850,000 / bowl

In addition to the 100 USD pho noodle bowl, in Hanoi, the Capital Garden Hotel noodle shop also serves special noodle with the price up to 850,000 VND / bowl, nearly 30 times higher than the regular street noodle bowl. Hanoi.

In addition to the special bowl of pho with the most expensive price in Vietnam, many famous pho brands in Hanoi also offer a much higher price than regular pho bowls.

The most expensive bowl of pho in Hanoi

The pho bowl costs 920,000 VND, causing a stir in social networks

Recently, the menu of the restaurant in the highest position in Vietnam on Landmark 81 court was spread on social networks, causing many people to be stunned by the right price "heavenly" of the dishes. The most shocking is still a popular dish like pho also costs up to 920,000 VND.

In addition, other simple appetizers like mushroom cream soup and grilled coconut pumpkin soup are sold for VND 255,000 / capacity.

The noodle dish described by the restaurant has ingredients such as Australian beef tails, Wagyu beef, noodles and spicy vegetables. The reason this bowl of pho is so high is due to the presence of the world's most expensive beef. Wagyu beef costs about 3000 USD / kg (about 70 million VND / kg).

The bowl of pho is worth 2.3 million

In addition, the special location with panoramic view of the city is part of the "heavenly" price of this luxurious bowl of pho.

But this is not the first time people are admiring the expensive bowl of pho, even VND 920,000 is still . cheap compared to the following pho bowls.

The most expensive Pho in Vietnam is worth 2.3 million

Specifically, the most expensive Pho bowl in Vietnam, now priced at 100 USD, is sold at a restaurant on Ton That Dam Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This bowl has been experienced by Sonny Side, the famous MC of Best Ever Food Review.

Usually, beef noodle soup is used in two series of re-cooked and cooked meat, usually beef encrusted meat. However, this 100 USD pho bowl has 7 types of meat including beef, thin beef, beef, corn, beef, beef tenderloin and Angus beef.

expensive beef pieces

However, not having to go to the above restaurant is the customer will enjoy this million VND pho bowl. The reason is that pho must be kept for 12 hours and the restaurant only serves pho noodle when requested by customers.