The secret to having a delicious boiled dishes

Boiled is doing nine live food in liquid, Cook boiling to 100 degrees centigrade according to requirements of the dish that boiled long time or quickly. Boiled from cold water gradually heats the water up help for food after nine achieved the certain requirements about the State as soft, crunchy ...; colors such as white, pink ... and flavors.

Boiled chicken

Delicious and hard to resist.

When the boiled pork, chicken, duck meat, white meat, Berry, want the chicken ain't broke the skin, dryness, were intensive, after boiled, should perform more intense ripe water movements to cool up food. As a result, the dish will not be more beautiful, dry xảm.

According to the experience of a number of chefs, to have more delicious boiled chicken dish, when buying chicken we should choose. Boiled chicken can be marinated before with onions, salt, sauce for about 30 minutes, can the little wedge of spices in the broth for more food.

Select a saucepan to boil chicken-sized, so that enough water flooded the chicken, if too much water, large saucepan heat will long boiling do take more time which will be diluted broth; also small saucepan too will be difficult to turn when boiled.

When the chicken has just nine to (emerge), off the kitchen, cover the pot again a few minutes, then picked the chicken cooked in water to cool off, waiting for cold chicken must be carried out. 3 way boiled chicken that Chinese cooks use is for chicken in boiling medium dark water when boiled, remove chicken cooked in water to cool off.

Then resumed for the chicken in boiling water boil, when part of the skin where the wing adjacent to the chicken myself appearing of cracks, picked out for chicken in cold water. Here is how to tell the chicken has cooked, boiled with halfway picked out soaking in cold water several times to help the skin to stretch chicken, succulent without being torn, soft flesh, bone marrow within the bones of the chicken is still not dry red bone marrow but mature.

Boiled pig hearts

Boiled pig heart also boiled way from cold water as above, picked out the heart several times in cold water immersion. So crispy and delicious than the white heart.

Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs from cold water will make the egg ripens gradually should not break halfway. Should give in a little broth salt, because salt will help to link Eastern mau whites, especially with eggs being lighter fuse will not happening shattered status.

When the ripe egg (using chopsticks no eggs loose horizontal clamp), soaked right into the cold water to quickly cool to the limit H2S gas (hydrogen sulfur) distribute created a black Halo around the yolk and make egg odors. To the Nice, easy boiled eggs peeled, boiled before using a small needle poke a small hole in the first place to the egg, in the hard crust.

Boiled vegetables

To get delicious vegetables dish can you give salt to the broth, will do more green vegetables.

To get delicious vegetables dish can you give salt to the broth, will do more green vegetables. Or squeezed more lemon or vinegar, do so just keep the color of raw veggies, just don't lose the original taste. This way may apply for the cauliflower, carrots ...

Also should not be given too many vegetables in the Pan boil once. Can put veggies a little ridiculous the Pan, then remove profile trụn brass drop in cold water, and then resume the vegetable section.

When the boiled vegetables, need the kettle with the big flame, let boiling water real new and old drop the vegetables in. If you do not water boiling or stress that was boiling in a hurry to drop the vegetables on then surely came upon nine vegetables, coloration of the vegetables turned to golden yellow color.

Note, when you boil should not cover the water flooded the vegetable part right, brandishing the boiled vegetables, cooked to remove should always, if not the vegetables were root, d. Green.=