10 ways to help set map jeans and t-shirts to more discerning

The childhood you must feel to his school uniform really boring and tedious? The uniform brings you more comfort, do not waste time thinking how coordinate map or choosing clothes, but they also make your style becomes too boring. As well as uniforms, the combination of jeans and t-shirts simply was more her choice but if not ingenious you will also become pale. These accessories, costume below will get you points and really stand out.

A bomber jacket will be the first hint for you. Bomber Jacket coat type shape has hips horizontal walking hand chun. This shirt cost about $ 145.

Stylish tie shoes not only bring in the feminine, comfortable for riders but also help set your map has more hit points. The shoes of the Zara has price 70 $.

You think when combined with charming vintage Badana gave everyone the scarves. Scarves are priced at about $ 6.

Her love of prominence could add to the set map jeans, his shirt a metallic yellow shoes. Double ankle boot has a price of $ 119.

Wearing hip bags handy, stylish accessory is quite suitable when combined with the jeans and shirt. This combination is suitable for her personality. The bags cost about $ 38.

An indispensable focal point for women's jewelry. You should select the type of earrings, luxurious designs to create the. The earrings has a price of $ 22.

With jeans and t-shirts may be a belt is not necessary but to stand over you should select the item has featured stone trinket or textures. This accessory priced at $ 48.

Camel color coat is the perfect suggestion for those cold days. This shirt is priced at $ 169.

A stylish fabric waistband towards bohemian for her love of classic beauty. This accessory is priced at $ 58.

Just a cool, functional fashion again is what the shoe-type holes brought to you. This accessory is quite consistent with the dynamism of jeans and t-shirts. This pair of shoes cost about $ 185.=


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