5 reasons you should not wear skinny jeans?

Highway ngấn belly fat

Skinny jeans are a must is the dress for everyone, especially with some trousers this bundle brings the influence not good.

Chatine Jacobs and jean denim expert advised that: " When you try to wear a jeans, pants must fit your waist without being cramped, you do not want the ngấn excessive fat leaked right? Even when the jeans fit waist, hip and your leg but if the belly fat in the waist you need immediate intention to wear them. "

If you want to look fashionable and stylish follow the advice on and find yourself a jeans fit.

Neurological effects

Many cases in the world have suffered nerve damage caused by clothes too cramped. From 2012 the return here of this condition tends to increase. Symptoms of nerve damage caused by wear tight clothing, symptoms include numbness, tingling thigh part outside. Compartment syndrome or harm to the mobilization of the foot or hand.

The skin problems

Dress up the skinny jean is too narrow, you can suffer a chronic rash is called urticaria develops slowly under the Scorpions tight clothes. Expression of them is not only the common rashes you may suffer fever, tiredness, chills, headache. So you should choose the type of thin and comfortable clothes.

Stomach pain

"Too tight clothing around the abdomen will squeeze your stomach, pushing food up front against the digestive process and cause the esophageal reflux" Sharon Gillson, health experts said.

Influence function b. citronellan

Skinny tight pants in danger of affecting the genitals of both men and women. Too tight will cause squash, rub Cypress brings the risk of infection.=


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