5 the type of handbag making youth ' play ' rock star.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade brand is a favorite of her students, students around the world. The pastel colors of the same elegant shape young design fashion choices are stylish, functional for you girls to school. In addition to the classic handbags style popular during the year, this brand is also the design, options for more code samples in accordance with the seasons as a bag -shaped fruit, animals, clutch ... The price of this bag agitated from 100-1000 $ for the bag made of luxurious leather.


Lesportsac was founded in 1974 and is revolutionizing the world of accessories with nylon material though is the luggage or bags fashion handbag. Lesportsac combined with many different famous designers, such as Tokidoki to create lines of handbags fashionable young city inspired Japan. Prices range from $ 90-160.

Dooney & Bourke

If you see Louis Vuitton will lie in the lockers in your future, then why not turn them into reality with the beginning is the Dooney bags Bourke &? Dooney Bourke & dominating fashion by the luxury at affordable prices. Each bag delivered from $ 20-625.


If you already own a Dooney and are looking for a bag to add to your collection, then the Coach is the brand for you! Coach began as a family company in 1941 and the brand's leather bag product has a shelf life of more than 15 years if to be kept and preserved properly. The average price of about $ 300.

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson handbags are designed for the feminine girl. The bag is decorated with Crystal Crown and in features like flowers, skulls and animal prints. Prices range from $ 395.=


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