5 types of hairpin accessories are making girls 'passionate' 2019

Clip hair pearls

Pearl accessories once again proved their attraction when pearl bangles are 'storming' in the fashion village. And if you're a trend-sensitive girl, you probably won't be able to shop for this pretty bangs.

Pearl hairpin gives you a lot of interesting choices. From the pearl clip patterns or pins with the size of big pearls, you will easily find yourself a favorite style.

Clamping the bangs with stones

To demonstrate the rotation of fashion, the fashionista once again 'promoted' the stone-like bangs that seemed to be so familiar. No longer are the designs of flowers and leaves, but instead of meaningful letters, each stone is very eye-catching.

If you are looking for a highlight for your outfit, this stone applique is a great choice. With sparkling stones, your face will become striking and attractive. And whether you want to drop your hair or pinch your hair, clamping the stone to the ceiling will also please you.

Gucci bangs

The appearance of the Gucci hairpin has shown the fashionist's "landings" have yet to stop. Gucci's plastic hairpin is one of the typical "faces" of a series of old items that are returning.

And if you're a genuine fashionista, it's hard to ignore this accessory.

Hair clippers

Colorful bangs are part of childhood of the early 8X and 9X girls. It seemed like it had been forgotten but the click of this hairpin has returned impressively in recent times. The seemingly nothing special clamps are being promoted by the world-famous It Girl series.

If you are looking to refresh your fashion style, don't miss this bangs. This clip will help you look cute and lovely but equally stylish. You can leave the bangs off or in the middle of the mix with this accessory.


The small, slim toothpicks are always one of the 'friends' of many girls. This piece of hairpin is nothing special but sometimes the simplicity and convenience are very attractive advantages of toothpaste.


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