6 fabrics for cool and dynamic summer

These fabrics wear cool for summer day!

1. Cotton cloth (Cotton)

Sure, for fashionistas, cotton is probably the most familiar material. This fabric made of natural cotton yarn appears with a dense frequency in Cardino's T-shirts, shirts, casual pants, and simple pants. However, the more cotton the product has, the more it will be 'done' like hand washing or the next turn.

2. Bamboo fiber fabric

This is Cardino's favorite fabric in many of its designs because of its superior properties such as high hygroscopic, not wrinkled, non-creasing, durable and extremely soft.

More specifically, with the best deodorizing properties in fabrics, we have used bamboo fiber fabrics for all designs of paky men and women. With a shirt from bamboo fabric, you are ready to receive summer sunshine but still really fashionable and right.

3. Rayon silk fabric

Do you see the colorful eye-catching costumes on the market and especially the costumes originating from Thailand because of the colorful colors? That is artificial Rayon Silk Yarn. You can find very cool rayon yarn products such as summer towels, elastic pants, spread skirts . Vietnamese fashion followers often prefer Rayon because it is quite cheap. However, rayon silk fabric is easy to color so remember to wash it separately with other bright clothes.

4. Wrinkled fabric (Seersucker)

Seersucker fabric is characterized by wrinkled lines, textures, often used to produce costumes for both men and women because of very good sun protection. In the summer, this is the kind of fabric you should prioritize because it is easy to sew the kind of flying clothes such as shirts, spread skirts, and there are also many bright and sweet colors and especially not hot. You can find this fabric in stores selling Japanese and Korean fabrics.

5. Madras fabric (Caro)

You may not have heard of Madras material, but if you know that this is a fabric often used to make checkered shirts, everyone knows and loves it. Not only youthful colors, personality, sweat permeability but also caro motifs are considered indispensable and never fad for your furniture.

6. Silk fabric

In the past, silk fabric was considered an expensive and quite old material, often only favored by women and mothers when sewing high-end shirts or lingerie. However, with the throne of these cool two-wire shirts this year, this sleek fabric conquered both young fashion followers. The price of a two-piece silk shirt is slightly higher than that of regular fabrics, but it is worth it for you to resist summer heat and look quite 'chic'.