8 fashion rules you should delete immediately

While fashion trends are constantly evolving and changing, one thing we can be sure of when it comes to fashion, it is the rule that was the rules then we can completely broke down. With the old thinking and you should change them to bring their diverse styles and more dynamic.

1. Don't wear white during labour

There are many people who have been doing under this rule, it is a principle entirely "outdated". You should know these waters to fishermen who usually wear a sweater snow white and white jeans year round.

Handbags should be copper color with shoes

You absolutely have the right to freely choose the dress for her. So if you want to wear a bag of red and red shoes, that's great but you do not need to follow this rule when you choose the clothes. The combination of the colors and textures of the accessory will bring you fresh new, more youthful contours.

Do not combine multiple textures together

Dotted motifs and striped skin textures or abstract and very impressive harmony and when mix with each other. Don't be too rigid will make the style itself boring.

Navy blue can not mix together black

This is completely the wrong rule, navy blue and black color gives the wearer incredibly luxurious beauty. Are you concerned that black and navy blue may be confused when mix with each other but in fact this is the combination of the art.

Sequin dresses and metallic evening only

Metallic and sequin costume will sparkle and more impressive at night, however these accessories or metallic clothing, sequin also can completely an in daylight. To set map is perfect you please mix sequin skirt or shirt with simple dresses.

The tall girl is dressed in long

You can wear any clothes you love so they match your physique. A tall girl is not necessarily always dressed, you can complete an skirts, short shorts to show off legs and compact.

Not to go all when wearing shoes open toe sandal,

Mix all pants or socks with toed brings to look somewhat luộm thuộm but this style is also quite a lot of young world favorites. Choose the right outfit you can try this style.

Not mix with other metallic colors

Like the suicide of navy blue and black, many people also don't like the metallic colors mix together. However you can mix these accessories such as shoes, handbags with metallic metallic colors.=


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