Buy a pair of sliver sandal like French girls because she pulls her legs to the top

Referring to French women, as a natural reflex, people will spend a lot of "winged" adjectives such as sophistication, elegance and elegance, especially when referring to their fashion style. .

The French ladies who own the style are admired by the whole world, most of the items they face are beautiful and worth learning, high-heeled sandals are one of the fashion items like so.

Take the time to admire the elegant set of French women's costumes, not difficult for you to recognize, high-heeled sandal appears with dense frequency and feels like, every French lady owns for I am a couple. However, not all high-heeled sandals are caught in the eye of these famously elegant ladies, they need to bring the new super-slim straps design.

As tall as 3-5 inches (or more), the super-thin straps design is the "nail" element that helps this sandal model become the ultimate "hack" weapon; bringing long-legged effects to a long, tall shape but still ensuring the serenity for the legs.

French ladies mix high-heeled sandal, straps with every set; from the camisole skirt, when the two-piece dress + jeans until the pair of t-shirts + shorts short . That's right because with the simple and slim design, this sandals pattern is easy to go along with all kinds of costumes. ; even adds sophistication and elegance to the appearance of the person.

On summer days, there is nothing more ideal when wearing short jeans that match with T-shirts, or 2 cool straps and eyeglasses.

However, the set of furniture will be perfect if there is a pair of fine stringed sandals that make your appearance more dynamic, and help you get the "rain" of compliments because of the extremely sensitive catch. When the weather is sudden and rainy in the summer days, it is clear that there is no better option than to buy a pair of sandals to tie the rope to the sun.

Although it takes a bit of time to wrap up, it is totally worth the sexy, sexy stalk that the string sandal gives you.

It is not to mention that these shoes are extremely suitable when mixed with the style of flower-leaf cake skirt or dynamic short jeans, the classic skirt leg is also reasonable.

And when the sunny days are still there, you should immediately add to the locker a few high-heeled sandals and straps to perfect the beautiful style like the French lady!